Two fine quarterbacks can't fit into one leadership role

This topic was on the gostampsgo site. What is everyones opinion on this issue?

BC Lions' Camp's still a way off, but high-quality backup Buck Pierce announces he intends to unseat Dave Dickenson as the Grey Cup champions' starting QB.

Seen the movie, read the reviews.

Buck Pierce may only be 25 years of age, but he's already been through this before with the Lions.
As a rookie quarterback just happy to even make the roster of a CFL club two years ago, he watched as Casey Printers claimed before training camp that toe surgery would prevent him from contesting for the job as starter.
Pierce listened in silence as Printers -- who eventually joined the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL -- and Dave Dickenson vainly tried to make nice.
He heard coach Wally Buono admit his failed attempts to keep opponents guessing about his starter ended up confusing his players.
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Actually Red, they had a feature on Sportsnet last night about it.

My conclusion, (based on Talk Shows, interviews, newprint) is that this is Dickenson's last year as the starting QB. Buck will assume the starting role in 2008. (Unless Dickenson gets injured again) I think Dickenson is one concussion away from retirement. All the "Players" seem to being saying nice things about each other in the media as well.

The person ignored through all of this is Jarious Jackson. The Lions may be trying to move him although he has said that he will report to camp as the third stringer.

Apparently, the "Buono QB Factory" has another QB hidden away waiting to step up should we lose one of the three.

Red, as you know with Wally, he will keep us guessing.

Well again Wally will make the mistake of waiting to long. He has done this in the past, waits until his commodity has no worth. In my opinion and I am sure some BC fans agree (3rd down) Wally might make a trade while DD is worth something. A year from now (health) he may not be worth anything. Buck and JJ just might be able to fill the gap of a trade. Yes DD is a good QB but like you are saying health is the issue.

You don't want to give away Dickenson to the competitors. He just might be the best QB in football. His stats are. But the Lions may have an even better player in Pierce.

The Lions will want to hang on to DD as long as possible. We don't want him signing with the Stamps or Riders and come back to bite us.

In the CFL it has been proven that you need two good QB's to be successful. With Dickenson and Pierce we have the two best, in any league. :thup:

If anyone figures out how Wally makes up his mind on these things, be sure to let me know.

Well it looks like wallys loyalty is slipping a bit. Usually this means Dave is or could be replaced soon. I hope not he is a good QB and plays well for the Lions but the contract issues may end up being a problem once again. Could this be the next Allen Pitts scenario.

Weve had a few QB tandems in the past-and in two cases both QBs ended up moving on- in the early 80's it was Hufnagel/Barnes and in the late 80's it was Austin/Burgess. The QB tandem with two players capable of starting just doesnt work, IMO, or it didnt really work for the Riders(but not much does it seems).

It's odd about QB tandems; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Probably depends on organizational factors and the personalities of the QBs themselves.

I know in Montreal Sonny Wade~Joe Barnes and Sonny Wade~Jimmy Jones seemed to work out alright. Toronto went a season with Greg Barton and Joe Thiesmann alternating every series.

Anyway, as far as BC goes the past few years, from Dickenson~Pinters to now Dickenson~Pierce, it's the kind of problem every other team would love to have to deal with, given the lack of talent at backup QB everywhere else........

We would glady take that problem here in Hamilton I'll tell you. :wink:

Thanks for the controversy E. It's nice to see another team with internal problems.

It's being made out more than it should be. A few months ago, there was a feature about Dickenson and Pierce "Car pooling" to practice from White Rock.

Interesting fact. Pierce's contract was extended (I think 3 years) past 2007. Dickenson's is only to the end of this year. Whether Dickenson stays as a coach after 2007 or signs on elsewhere will depend on his health.

As Earl says, its a nice problem to have!

Tell that to Dave :lol: