Two fantastic Match-ups!!

:D :cowboy:

The gods are very kind to our beloved CFL. What great match-ups and drama heading into the two Finals this weekend.

  1. Calgary at Saskatchewan- has been the greatest match-up this season with tremendously exciting games thus far. The overtime tie was one of the most exciting ever!! Henry returning, the cinderella riders season winning the west for the first time in years and years, Durant's heroics in close games, Stamps defending champions, the Riders home field advantage = fans - all make for a classic match up. Sti back and enjoy.

  2. BC at Montreal- the return of Casey, the Als great season, West vs. East in the East final, the dramatics of the Eastern semi-final, Wally returning to his roots in Montreal, wide open exciting football expected all translate to another exciting match up. I cannot remember this much atnticipation for two games.

Best wishes to all teams and fans just enjoy :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Riders Rule

Even though my team is out of it now, I'm very anxious to watch these games no question. I have to choose the Als easily and the Stamps not so easily.