Two Eskimos head south

Kenny Onatolu and Brandon Guillory. I guess that's why we didn't try to re-sign them... You know, I hope this isn't something we start seeing every year.

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Guillory hasn't signed yet, only Onatolu.

This year is a little more then usual with 12 or so players but its not alarming. 2%. Teams bring 5 to 10 guys each every year from the us. The US system feed is ten folds what the league loses.

The extra interest this year is a way of the NFL teams many trying to cut cost to fill some position with cheap CFL players. Signing a guy like Logan who is experienced is probably cheaper then anything they can get in the draft or similar talent on the FA NFL market. So instead of paying 1.2 for a returner or resigning their existing returner they can get similar production by paying 300K.

Instead of: "Save the cheerleader, save the world" its "Hire a CFL'er and save a million"

...I could care less about 'saving the nfl money'...who gives a rats bum....We are losing some heavy talent here,that won't be easy to replace...Marquee players to us are t.c. fodder to them, and i hope the majority return but in the mean time OUR LEAGUE is taking a hit.. :thdn:

Not yet, no, but at the rate players are leaving, I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign.

Exactly. And the guys that do return won't be bacl until after three months into the CFL season. :roll:

So what's new? It has been this way for ever. We are talking 12 guys out of 480 and probably 8 to 10 will be back by September. There is no issue. Toronto likes to recruit exNfler well this is what they get for taking shortcuts.

What's new is we're seeing a record number of guys going to the NFL, and it doesn't matter if most of them come back. They won't get back until mid-season.