Two decades of mediocrity, on the third....

I may be off on a few numbers but, since 2000 we have had the record of 84-150, (not including this season). Since Bob Young has taken over, we’ve had the record of 57-122. In the last 23 seasons (since 1990) we have made the playoffs 12 times, with one championship. This for most part, in an 8 team league( with exception of expansion teams and Ottawa for a few seasons) is unacceptable for a franchise with a storied history, great traditions and one of the most loyal fan bases in the league. Since 2000, we have had Ron Lancaster (RIP), Alan Ford, Rob Katz (both interim), Greg Marshall, Charlie Taffe, Marcel Bellefeuille, George Cortez, and now Austin. Eight coaches in 13 years. Moreover,we have not had a franchise Quarterback, and to sum it up - it’s just been a revolving door of management, players and coaching staff. We let players go that find success with other franchises, most recent example Rey Williams. I wonder where Knowlton will end up to come back and haunt us. I don’t even know half of the players on defense. What happen to our steel town defense in the past and trying to find that same tradition? I have been supporting this team since I was old enough to understand how the game is played in the 1980’s and this has been a for most part a pathetic franchise.

To sum this up, we need a culture change. A culture does not get established with new faces constantly, but ones that know the history and tradition. At the end of the day, players, staff, and management who are going to be around will establish culture, not this circus of revolving doors.

I know injuries have plagued us this season, but we should still be in the position to win games.

Unacceptable, period.

I totally agree on several points. As I watch each and every CFL game I notice that teams seem to draft and keep players who become the face of the organization. Look at BC, they have Wally Buono who coached and GM'd for decades and they have franchise QBs in Lulay. Who do you hang the Ti-cats hat on? I thought Porter was going to be our franchise QB but he never got a real chance to develop and it seems that if a player shows promise we cut him and he becomes a star for some other team.

I love the TC, but they are frustrating to no end and I predict that Ottawa has a better season in 2014 then we do.

13 years is not even close to "two decades". I agree it's been many years and something needs to be done.

So Hall of Famer Danny McManus, who played for us for 8 seasons, throwing for 4,000+ yards seven times, and ~35,000 yards total (3rd most of any QB for a single franchise, after Calvillo and Lancaster), was not a “franchise QB”? I’m curious to know how you define that term.

Fave. time of the season. When the half dozen posts over a half decade usernames crawl out of the woodwork.

Check out the record book,this team has basically been crap since 1990.Outside of a few isolated years(92..11-7 )
and the 4 year span between '98-01'(53 w 28 l 1 t )(back to back East Champs,1 Grey Cup) the 3 year span of at least being competitive(09-11)(26 w 28 l)(back to back 2nd pl. @ trip to East Final) The rest of the time and years we've been "the free space on the BINGO card.15 years with 10 or more loses,9 years with the worst record over-all,11 years missing play-offs,11 years with 6 wins or less(including 3-15...3 times...91-07-08 4-14...2 times...94-06 5-13...05 2-16...97 1-17...03)
This team since 1990 has been way beyond bad and possibly one of the worst run pro franchises in this time frame :oops: :thdn:

No Kidding man,

Check this out from the from the Ticats Wikipedia page from 1990 - 1997 "The Lean years" Other than '98 and '99, we have had 22 "Lean Years" since 1990 and that was 23 years ago, when will we get out of this dental hygiene dilemma Mr Bob Young?


Danny McManus was a great quarterback, who came in as a veteran. Led the team to a championship, and a few solid seasons after that. However, he played 8 seasons. I define Franchise QB, and i think most would agree, as someone who is drafted by the team, or a young QB brought in VIA trade or FA acquisition - that has tenure with that respective team. In a league where it is tough have sustainability at this position, we have not had a Franchise QB in place. Further, Jason Moss could have been a Franchise QB, if he played the way he was thought to play. Ricky Ray in Edmonton was a Franchise QB, Anthony Calvillo is a franchise QB. Ya dig? I think I explained it very well, but in retrospect I was just making a point.

I don't understand?

Here, lets do simple math.

1990+2000 = 10 yrs.
2000+2010 = 10 yrs.
2010+2013 = 3 yrs.

final answer = 23 yrs of mediocrity (including this season thus far)


The Ti-Cats have been around since 1950.....simply put from 1950-1989 they only missed the p-offs 3 times
in their first 39 years(60,73,77) had 19 1rst place finishes,16 trips to the Cup,7 Grey Cup victories.Impressive Indeed!!!

1990-2012....11 times missed the p-offs,1 1rst place finish,2 trips to the cup,1 Grey Cup,have missed p-offs 6 times in last 10 yrs. 15 out of 23 seasons had 10 or more losses,4 seasons 10+ wins.Impressive NOT!!!

IIRC, isn't it something like an astounding 6 last place finishes in the entire league in the last 10 seasons?

Calling mediocrity? That would be a big step up from abysmal.

With a 57-122 record or 0.318 winning percentage since the Caretaker's ownership, the Hamilton Tiger Cats are the losingest franchise in the Canadian Football League. In all professional football, only the Detroit Lions (0.289) have a worse winning percentage than the Hamilton Tiger Cats over the same time frame.

I will always thank the caretaker for saving our team from extinction, but his ability to choose football people to field a competitive team is questionable. It is perplexing, as Mr. Young is very successful in his non-sports businesses, why not with our Tiger Cats?

Two decades of medicority??????? try 43 years worth.

since and including 1970, there have been 12 winning seasons (not .500, actually winning seasons)

See for yourself

We are the best fans in the league. No one and I mean NO ONE would still have this fan strength with these kind of results!!!!!!

Yup, and each of the other seven teams have been to the Grey Cup game at least twice in the same time period.

As Walby would say, "Fustrating!"