Two days have passed.......

.....and still no sign that any new QB's are in town. Also no word whether there will be a change in the starting QB.
Surely it doesn't take this long to review the game film and reach the inevitable conclusion that many of us reached months ago.

not another one lol

Yes..another one. 0-6 coming up.

we will win on friday

I think Taaffe is going to say something like, Maas has been steadily improving since the start of the year, so he'll get the start. Personnally, I'd rather see Chang in there, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


If we will "win on Friday"...kindly explain to the rest of us and the coaching staff where we will be superior to Winnipeg. In what areas of play do we have them beaten? Thanks.

we'll talk at halftime and see where's then i'll either be happy maas and the offence has got their you know what together and are kicking butt or another game where we don't produce in the red zone where i could be more swayed towards chang.
either way this game is do or die and if we don't play on all cilinders that way then i will be more than disappointed.

haha, I can't wait.

If Chang starts there still going to lose, this team has no control over its actions, no disipline what so ever.

I can't wait to see what you people say next, just everyone promise me if Chang gets his chance & fails please dont start threads titled "Start Richie Williams."

Mass is going too play regardless. The Ticats are bound to him finacially, so there giving you every excuse to keep playing him. A real organization would cut there loses and move on (i.e. San Diego - Ryan Leaf)

Field Goals.

Rusty25 wrote “Field goals”:

Correct but Winnipeg won’t need to rely on field goals to win based on Fridays game.
I haven’t given up on the team (or will I ever) but I try to be realistic about where we are. It seems to me it will take another season to reach the play offs.We have a few very good players who will shine eventually.
Our expectations were very high at the beginning of this season but we are still not competitive with the rest of the league yet.

Yes, the team is bound to Maas financially. Just as they are bound to Chang and Williams.
All three have signed contracts. All three are going to be paid what their contract specifies, whether they play, carry a clipboard, or stand around talking to the coaches.

If your point is that the team MUST play the highest paid of the three, forget it. That can have no effect on Taaffe's decisions. Not that those decisions have been particularly good so far....