Two bad calls -- MTL WPG

As I have mentioned in another thread, this roughing the passer stuff is ridiculous. I have no real rooting interest in whether MTL or WPG wins. The game itself was highly entertaining, but two bad roughing the passer calls played a big role in helping the Bombers comeback. The first one Nichol's practically fell down himself very Lebron James like. This is the sorta stuff that drives me nuts, a love tap becomes roughing the passer. The second one sure MTL's defender put him down aggressive but cmon this is football not choir practice. Nichols put his head down almost intentionally hoping for a penalty (from what i see). Both Ford and Climie agree with me that the calls were ridiculous (not that that means anything).

The 1st 2 calls( one each way),we're BS.The last call was absolutely helmet to helmet.Climie has always leaned to the non Bomber side.It would have been an injustice to not call that hit.

It's quickly becoming more of a joke then it was already.

Meaning what?

Bomber fan here and I agree. These calls are awful.

I will also contend that the one on Jeffcoat against Durant where he put his hands up to try to deflect a pass and ended up brushing against the side of Durant's helmet was equally awful.

These calls have to go.

That 2nd RTP was a good call. You can't hit the QB with your HELMET!

Give your head a shake :roll:

Meaning that the fingertip touch to the facemask that was challenged....and thank god shot down...was believed it would get called a penalty. The commentators thought it would...I thought it would...the people I was with thought it would. I don't think many actually thought it SHOULD be...just that it would...because that is where we are at.

I hate seeing a guy take a is bad. ANd there have been some legit challenges that I went "I am glad there is replay on the RTP because that needs to be called" but there have been a pile more that were complete was not RTP it was TTP....and yet you see that brutal hit Ray took last week and nothing.

Very frustrating. The black and white just doesn't work...there is reasonable contact even if a little late and then there is the garbage that you just shake your head and it takes you out of the game.

for sure.

I think they should ditch it all and have RTP purely called from eye in the sky. They need to try something.

Illegal contact, unfortunately, needs to become non challengable as well.

I love the spirit of both of those challenges, but it is just plain painful.

Chapters full of pages that the CFL seriously needs to address what the league themselves have now created. Kind of makes one wonder on what happens in the Edmonton vs BC game.

That last RTP on MOntreal was the correct call while the other one with Nichols falling down and the one with Jeffcoat 's hand brushing the helmet were both terrible. In terms of bad calls or non-calls one that stood out for me was one play in which 3 Montreal o-linemen got away with some massive holding ...yep, all on one play.

Ever notice how little you see holding called in the CFL anymore? Just one of many changes in the patterns of how the game is officiated now all to the benefit of the offense. The borderline PI plays the borderline RTP penalties. That's why the league passing numbers are so skewed nowadays. 70+ % completion percentage is no big deal, 300 + yards is average for a QB. Hard to have a good defense in this league with the head office's rule changes and interpretations so clearly in favour of offense. They probably thought it would lead to improvement in the ratings but people are seeing past the artificiality of numbers and tiring of the inconsistency of the referees and the c'mon centre's calls, the interminable delays to check replays on all TDS etc. and have decided to tune out. The nearly 20% drop in ratings from last season is proof of this.

Was way more than 2 bad calls in that one. Sitting up in the stands eye-rolling with some other fans, about the calls against both teams. Some of this PI stuff is getting pretty absurd, as well…

The second one I mention some of you seem to think was a good call. Not even close. First of Nichols put his head down with no time for the Montreal defender to react. Secondly, he still had the ball, which means he is a live target. IF he threw the ball away .. one potato, then yes the would be roughing the passer. Both these RTP passing calls are garbage. I notice there is another one you guys mention on Durant that I personally did not see. I have no doubt it was garbage also.

But the philosophy of the league is the quarterbacks are protected if they aren't actually running with the ball. So anything questionable is and should be called. The quarterbacks are the main stars of the league and they already have enough injuries. I'm ok with some seemingly bad calls, and yes these will happen all the time with this philosophy of protecting the qb, if it means more of the starters are playing more often.

Any hand in the face, helmet to helmet, any type of push after a reasonable time the ball has been thrown, flag. Not a problem with this guy.

It doesn't matter if Nichols head was down or not.You cannot tackle with head to head contact.

Yup. And if it’s a qb who isn’t running with the ball, a flag should absolutely be thrown.

Absolutly wrong.

Time to write my CFL playbook.

  1. The Challenge.
    Receivers no matter where you are attempt to initiate some contact with your defender make the ref call a PI.

  2. RTP
    QB's whenever you being sacked intentionally lineup your helmet with the defenders at the last second. Guaranteed RTP call.

  3. Punt/Kickoff
    Returners dont touch the ball until the defending team in within the 5 yard restraints on purpose

Help me continue to write my CFL playbook .... I need a few more plays before I apply for a coaching job.

There is no way Nichols had time to line up his helmet with the defenders.Plain and simple,you cannot lead with your helmet.It cannot be be the principal Point of contact.Both RTP calls on both teams earlier were BS in my opinion.But the last one on the final drive will get called every time.

That’s what prevent defence does for you, it prevents you from winning. Als should have kept attacking.

Helmet contact was legit. That was a penalty.

It was helmet to helmet hit

It was a good call.