Two assistant coaches that deserve to be back

I'm hoping that the new head coach will seriously consider bringing back coach Sal, and D line coach Denis McPhee. These two guys are quality coaches, not only with vets but also developing the young guys.
Since coach Sal took over the O line there has been a 100% improvment. Coach McPhee has done a excellent job with the D line, espescially with all the injuries. :cowboy:

Bring em back

damn, I thought for sure this would be about Paopao and friend :wink:

You're right on that call Buckwheat!

All us lifters think alike....Lifter :cowboy:


is that another name for pickpocket?? :twisted:

Have to Agree Both are Great Coaches.
I think Coach Jerome Erdman Needs to Stay As Well.

The Punting and Place Kicker are 100% Better..

This Man Coaches Harder then Anyone I ever Met.

Ohhh How times have changed.

Well the reality is that the new Head Coach has to make that call. Its imperative that he have the freedom to put together his own team.

Agree with McPhee and Sal (if he wants to) and disagree with Erdman.

Our ST's have been awful for three years. Punting and kicking are not his responsibility. Coverage, blocks and returns are...and we haven't been very good at any of 'em since he got here.

We'll leave the decisions to Coach Taafe (Hendy's fingers crossed).

Agree Agree Agree !

I say keep Reed and Salivantis but fire everyone else.

Our special teams has been a joke since Erdman took over. We have never won a game on the merit of our special teams, but we certainly have lost quite a few.

I say McPhee has to go too. We used to routinely lead the league in sacks, and now we're in the middle of the pack. Where's the feared Ticat pass rush?

Reed (who should merit consideration for Ticat head coach) has done a great job putting together a group of athletes to play in the secondary, and they are truly working as a team out there now. Keep him.

Salivantis is an experienced coach who is intelligent and down-to-earth. Plus, his approach works. Our O-Line is playing much better now. Keep him.

All of the other minor coaches (Sardo, Marchese, etc.) had zero impact this year. Clean house.

Coach McPhee coaches for five years leading the league in sacks AND coached players who won defensive player of the years three yrs in a row - Montford twice and Calvin Tiggle. McPhee stays.

Fire them all if necessary, pending whatever the new head coach wants.

The head coach needs to have all options for personnel open and not told who to keep and who to dispose of.

Gotta remember, sack McPhee can only use the players he has at hand. We've been riddled with injuries this year. probably more than any other year on the D line. Coach McPhee has done a masterful job with the players he's had to word with. Our biggest problem with the D has been the secondary.......espescially our safety. This guy can't hit and is always late getting to the ball.

I hope the new coach seriously considers coach McPhee and coach Sal.

eardman definatley needs to stick around i think hes done a great job considering what hes bin through hes held up niceley with the defence, just think how our defence would perform if they wernt on feild everyplay of the game :slight_smile:

I’m not saying I disagree with you buckwheat, but I do maintain that the new head coach MUST have the freedom to select his own assistants.

I wouldn’t mind seeing your above chosen selections stick around too, but not if their football theories don’t coincide with those of the new HC.

I feel that the head coach must formulate a plan based on his available personnel talent. With this in mind, he should tailor make the team around assistants who will enforce his philosophy.

But what do I know???

8) While I tend to agree with the sentiments regarding Coach Sal and McPhee, it will be up to the new coach as to who he wants as his assistants !! They are normally people that he has worked with before and who he can trust to do the job he expects to be done !!!

As the old saying goes...A new broom sweeps clean !! It just might be a good idea for a whole new coaching staff to be hired here, therby removing any of the holdover "losing stigma" that has been attached to this team in recent years !!!!!

Yeah, I totally agree that the new head coach will pick his own assistants. It would be nice to see Coach Sal and McPhee highly considered if possible. To me, they don't come much better than these two.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

I agree with Coach Sal, McPhee and Reed. To the rest good bye. Special teams have been a joke the last number of years