Two Als players arrested last night

Shocking reports from the media this morning... Two Als players were arrested last night.

The story says cops stopped a car after the driver turned on a street without putting his flasher! Then, the cops started arguing with the car owner about the tainted windows, which he said was above what is permitted by the law.

When the cop issued the car owner a ticket for these two things, the car owner came off the car and shoved the ticket in the policeman's face, which lead to the arrestation of both the driver and the passenger.

The reporter said both these guys are Alouettes players. He did not give out the names, but said one of the was about 6'6" and 300 pounds.

Isn't this the stupidest football player arrestation ever? No flasher, tainted windows and a stupid reaction from the player. What a crime ! And why was the passenger also arrested?

cops on another power tip…noting new there.

...two ALS players???? who were they?...and why get so up-set over a lousy traffic ticket...sounds like it could be a couple of 'o' line guys...with >0< never win arguing with the law...and i DON'T speak from past experience... :lol:

It s~ucks that cops can do pretty much anything they want, no matter if they are in the right or, as is far too often the case, in the wrong

^Note though that that was a general statement. Not knowing more circumstances about the incident, I'm not going to attempt to judge the situation at present.

Update: The passenger presented his excuses to the cops for insulting them and he was released.

The driver will be charged with resisting his arrest, failure to comply with a law officer and assault.

The driver is a Canadian of 26 years old, he weights about 300 pounds and heights six feet and a half.

We have only one player fitting this description. He's a back-up D-lineman, so hopefully, that doesn't disturb the team's preparation...

Not putting his turn signal on? Are you kidding me? Nobody in this city puts their turn signal on.

I kinda doubt that.. Most O-linemen are VERY humble polite and all around good guys, D Linemen on the other hand...

Shouldn't take too long to look at the Als roster who's listed about 6'6 -300 and then guesstimate who they were.

Look for 6'5" and 295 pounds...

Gotta agree with eyebleedgreen on the o-line comment. Of all the pro sports positions, the football o-lineman must be the less glamourous position to play. Recognition comes only from those who really know the game, and you are mostly seen when you screw up. Nobody talks about an o-lineman who does his job. These guys don't tend to act like stars. They're almost never treated like ones. So they must be more humble in their personal life too.

Maybe the cops were Argo fans. For all the traffic violations that get let go, this sounds pretty petty.

He wasn't arrested for the traffic violation, he was arrested for shoving the ticket in the Officers face. TSN says the offender is a starter with the Als.

Sounds to me like the driver was acting in a belligerent manner, and that is an easy excuse for a cop to arrest him. One thing I learned growing up, and watching others, is when you get pulled over, be repectful, and the cops will return the favour.

I remember one time when I was pulled over for doing 180 km/h down 99, I was pulled over, the cop made a wisecrack about pilot's license, and then proceeded to give me a simple 3-point speeding ticket, instead of the 12 to 15 points he could have given me (speeding, excessive speed, reckless driving, undo care & attention, etc).

If these guys were arrested, they deserved it.

but did you deserve more points? :twisted:

Yes, I did, but because I was respectful, the cop let me off.

As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. :slight_smile:

Like another poster stated though, do we really know the whole story?...What else was said or done by these two people? But....On the other side of the coin I do live in a state (Ohio) where I truly believe that new drivers are taught NOT to use their blinkers and people are NEVER pulled over for that here.

I dopubt you can believe the statement that it was a guy 6'6" 300 lb. I highly doubt they brought out the measuring tape and scale, so it could be anyone.

You're looking at it backward. The reporter knew who it was but did not want to give the name out. So he just put some details like height and weight.

And, anyways, if ya all want to know, the driver was Alain Kashama and the passenger Mark Estelle.

As long as they keep their minds focused for the upcoming game, I don't really care about this incident. It's not like they beat up a grandmother for spare change. They got pulled over for something really stupid, and then proceeded to be really stupid themselves. Hopefully they'll learn from the incident.

I gotta say that, on a normal situation, being pulled over is already a frustrating experience. So when you are being pulled over for something stupid which makes you feel you were probably singled out because of your skin colour, that must help you lose it a bit more.

I don't excuse the gesture. It IS stupid to rub a ticket on an officer's face. But I won't judge anyone based on that incident.