Two 200 Yard Rushing Games- I'm Impressed

With the recent outstanding rushing games by Fred Reid of Winnipeg (260 yards rushing vs the BC Lions), and by Martell Mallet of the BC Lions (213 yards rushing vs Montreal), I was quite impressed by these accomplishments, but was surprised by the lack of comments about these outstanding accomplishments.
It would stand to reason that there would be more 200 yard rushing games by individual backs in the NFL than the CFL, just because there are 16 games each week in the NFL and only 4 in the CFL. The more telling reason would be four downs in the NFL vs three in the CFL. From my experience watching the CFL, if 5-6 yards are not gained on first down, there is only a small likelihood that the team hands the ball off and runs on second down. More likely this team would pass the ball on second down. In the NFL, even if there is only a small gain or even no gain on first down, the chances of a run or a pass on second down are still the same.
In the NFL for week #1 of this season, the leading rusher was Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings with 180 yards, so there were no 200 yard rushing games for any backs this week, making the accomplishments of the two CFL running backs all the more remarkable. I'm just surprised that there were almost no comments made about the outstanding results achieved by these two running backs. I would like to hear any of your comments, and if you were as impressed by these two rushing totals as I was. If you are a fan of Montreal or the BC Lions and were on the receiving end of these 200+ yard rushing games, and you weren't impressed, I can easily understand that because you root for your team and these efforts help your team lose that particular game.

200+ yards rushing per game is rare in the current CFL. Most teams are geared toward stopping the pass but may become vulnerable against the run. Most offenses follow the philosophy of taking what the defenses allow.

In pass-oriented CFL, teams don't have to run but they must pass. Teams that are too run-oriented are often weak.

It is great to see games like that....Even though Fred Reid is on a crappy team, I think he is a diamond in the rough. I think he will be around for awhile and putting up great numbers........Winnipegers will start saying Charles (Roberts) Who ???