Twitter Wars: Madani + CFL News + 3Down vs Bob Young

Madani takes Young to the woodshed for blaming reporters for reporting leaks... Young didn't deny the content of the leaks. Just labelled the reporters and stories as "pessimists"

A Cage Match or a Loser Leaves Town Match?

Loser must delete their twitter account? I'll buy that PPV.

Young shouldn't give these guys the time of day. Haters will spin anything to their narrative

I'm no fan of Madani and even less so of Dunk but how do you promote your product when you are constantly playing hide and go F#$#$@ with the media and then going after them when they leak information? There has to be a better way.

I agree as I mentioned in another thread, they used to have a guy in communications - Paulo Serna I believe was his name. He would take the Madani's of the world to task. The league could always use one of their TSN megaphones.

An owner should not be tweeting directly to the media like this

Look at what the Rangers owner, Dolan did with his tweet criticizing the NHL's handing the lack of punishment of Tom Wilson. Davidson and Gorton got fired for disagreeing with the tweet. It made the Rangers look disorganized

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If the CFL merges with an American league, they will have to seriously change their attitude and behavior with the media or they will be thorn to pieces and they already would have a huge mountain to climb.

Even Garcia hinted at the insanity of the NDA she had to sign, so you know who wanted that NDA...


Apparently owners are supposed to be just Caretakers and stay out of the way :slight_smile:

Maybe it is a little harder when your name is brought up :yum:

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How was this taking anybody to the woodshed. Young said the media is pessimistic, which they are. (More down right negative, looking for the CFL's grave.) Madini comes back with a retort from last year at a time everybody was winging it due to covid.

I like the idea of an owner standing up for the league. I think it should have been the commissioner to do it. Maybe this is what the CFL needs more of.
I wish the league would share more information, but at the same time if decisions aren't made yet, what do you want them to share?

Hmm, MLSE rumoured to be providing the major push behind XFL and season move. MLSE has 3 partners, 2 of which are Canada's 2 major sports networks. Hmm, I wonder where possible leaks are coming from. then you have the MLSE and new Als owner connection, and they are voting as 1.

Madani has his head so far up his own butt 99% of time. It actually shocks me when the 1-2 times per year he has anything neutral or even positive to say. his non sport comments come out just as ignorant.


Somebody has to take the role of Devil's Advocate. I discovered a new found respect for Arash when he went on a XFL podcast defending why the CFL shouldn't merge with the XFL. While Naylor goes on the same XFL podcasts agreeing to a merger. Madani was crushing the debate. He was getting one of the hosts rattled. Arash gets a pass from me.


Yet before these talks came about. Madani ripped the league having the same business plan and considered the XFK a threat. Now all that they might be aligned, now they're a 2 x failed league and he's waving the Canadian flag?

Guys like Naylor and Bob Irving have opposite opinions on the XFL issue but at least they're both consistent

Arash goes against where the wind is blowing

Madani wasn't selling out like Naylor. It was a wonder that Naylor didn't wear knee pads when he was doing interviews on those podcasts

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At least Naylor has been consistent in all of this (as does guys like Irving with the opposite view). If these talks break off and the XFL is a competitor, Madani would be knee pads

Naylor appears to angling a job as a XFL reporter with his pro XFL merger side. Naylor has to remember to cup them balls gently, and work that tongue to satisfy his prospective employers

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I believe Naylor is married to an American and dreams of that big ESPN job... too ugly for TV and he has no voice for radio.


Late to the party, but I for one love this. Madani is calling out the owners the way fans should be.

Odd for me, but anyone really think Young would call out his fellow owners ?
Weird how quickly quite a few around here believe that all the Owners were on board to play last year and this year.

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If Hamilton does participate or win the GC - Bob will be forced to the sidelines .......

Once the Ti-Cats win the GC Young will have accomplished all of the goals he set for his ownership.


He wasn't standing up for the league. He was trying to be clever and slap around reporters who report things he does not like leaked.

So, does Bob sell the Ti-Cats then? He gets out while the opportunity to exit is available