Twitter? dimichele and joey eliot?

according to this both joey eliot and adam dimichele have been signed and resigned by the bombers.

is this for reals tho?

Still think Buck is out for a week ? Or maybe they are hoping Jyles can win a game before telling people he will be out four weeks ?

its sprained… 2 max.

besides, the guy who said eliot is on his way spelled winnipeg winnepeg… so im not sure thats true.

To be honest i have no idea who Joey Eliot is, but i hope that AD is back and i hope they keep AD on the PR at least, still think AD has a huge upside and i won't change my opinion until proved otherwise. Rumour had it that CGY was interested in bringing AD back, not sure how true that is but Burris is sure crapping the bed.

joey eliot officially signed by the bombers.

dont know much about em?

heres the link

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Here's a link to his bio at Purdue:

Here's some clips from when Purdue upset Ohio:

Here's an interview with him when he was at Purdue:

Was bringing in Elliott just an in case Bucks hurt worse than we thought (sounded like he was in town before the prognosis on Buck came out) or just to have a 3rd qB on the roster for the next game and maybe the one after that if need be? Buck's played well, Jyles played decent in relief of Buck in the Hammer and had a good showing in TC, Brink seems to be in to paying attention on the sidelines on gamedays from what i've seen on TV and haven't heard any negative stories about him, can't imagine a roster QB 3rd on the depth chart would've played himself off it this early in the season, and its seems a bit early to bring in a guy to get a look at him for next season. A curious and interesting addition, I must say.

i would say practise roster player… probably see someone they arent happy with be released.

it did sound like he was in town for abit… i think tho, deals like this dont happen over night or in 1 week, id suspect they have been talking for a while.

lapo mentioned on his show tonight that he will be on the practise roster. they are evaluating for next season. if u can find a guy who is decent, this kids seems to know football but can he play cfl football? thats why he’s brought in here. NEXT SEASON and beyond.

Someone at the EP said it was always Mack's plan to have four QBs on the roster. I don't know why the fourth is/was not DiMichelle but I guess we'll see how this Elliott does.

Bomber Diehard/Arch had a chat with Joe Mack at the Bomber Fan Forum last April. Mack told him that there were two quarterbacks who he was keen to sign: Alex Brink and Joey Elliott. So he's been on the Bomber's radar for quite awhile and now Mack's got both his guys.

Ok i have to start to complain a little bit, being a DiMichele fan i have to say AD got the "SHAFT" by the Bomber brass not once, but twice now. Don't know much about this Eliot kid, hope he is good and sticks, but if not?

Well…I guess AD and Brink are very similar quarterbacks, and the management and coaches liked Brink better. Now they already know what Brink can do, so they’re taking this opportunity to have a look at Elliot.

I was an AD fan too…it sucked to see him cut.

Why is it, which ever QB WPG. releases or is 3rd string was going to be the next Flutie ? If either of these guys play a down of football for us, the season will be complete disaster ! Buck will be back, if it was a concussion, then become concerned ! He will be back in a couple of weeks, no big deal ! Jyles is a solid QB and it will be good to see what we have in him !

Agreed, in a twisted way i think this may be good for the bombers, pierce is out, but not seriously, he will return.... so in the meantime we get a good long look at jyles, and these next 2 games could very well be make or break games for him with the bombers and maybe even the cfl... im not saying we cut him if he has a poor showing, we need him as a backup this year, but how he does these next few games will prob have a big impact on whether or not we decide to bring him back in the offseason.... hes what, 28? hes at the now or never age imo, potential only can take you so far, time to see what u can do mr jyles.... best of luck, go blue!!!!

I don't think anyone was necessarily saying that in this case...AD was just a likable kid I hoped to see get a chance here...

AD was just a very likeable kid like said above, noones thinking he's gonna be the next flutie, however, 1 person has said that he reminds him of a young flutie but.. dont think that guy posts on here.. his name.. henry burris.

pretty sure AD turned down the practise roster spot. he's on my facebook and does talk when he gets a chance. just a good likeable kid that deserves a shot with someone.

very much into familly. the guys a smart kid and someone will give him a shot and he will take advantage of that.

im hearing calgary is a likely destination for dimichele.

but.. eliott is the son of a high schoool foootball coach, he's a smart kid with a decent arm. football smarts are very high on eliott.

u know if someone told me a year ago that travis lulay would be the bc starter tonight against toronto i would have told that person they are insane, but.. he is. some say he should have been game 1 starter. This is what happens when u bring in a smart kid, let him learn the game for abit, hide em on the PR.

not saying elliot is the same but.. he could be.

If Lulay can get it done might be the end of the road for Printers me thinks.

i agree. printers looks like 1. he could care less and 2. looks like players are sick of his attitude.

thats a bad combo, if lulay shows well tonight (not easy to do agasint a tough argo d), printers could be out of a job by lets say labour day.

Not Calgary. I saw at gostampsgo that Al Cameron of the Herald tweeted that the Stamps will be announcing the signing of Penn State QB Daryll Clark soon.

I agree with the others who say that AD is a likeable guy. I was disappointed when he was released too. I hope he does get a shot again somewhere.