Twice in one game, twice...

I am 62 years old. I vaguely remember the Fog Bowl - and who doesn’t have a foggy memory of it? I saw two different things happen twice last night I have never, (for emphasis) never seen before.

Twice JM hits the upright when throwing to (apparently open) different receivers from his own end zone. The second thing that happened twice was him hitting two receivers in the helmet on two different throws. One of those (Mike Jones) would have scored a TD if his face mask did not get in the way.

I have seen a lot in my lifetime. Last night was a first on four different passing plays. I started to think that this team (maybe JM?) was snake bit with bad luck. It was just amazing that they somehow managed to claw and fight (with all their might - like the Ticat fight song?) and win on a last play FG. On Labour Day I hope for a crushing defeat against the blue team, without ANY of the same dramatics that occurred last night.

My 2 cents worth…

ps. Oh yeah I noticed the cut Mike Jones thread. If we cut everyone who had one bad play (especially one that was not entirely his fault) we would not have any players on our team. I am ashamed that any “fan” would say something like this. I hope if Mike should happen to read this he realises that not all Ticat fans are fair weather fan Johnnies who only support their team during “perfect” games. Congratulation on making a number of key receptions and going over 100 yards last night. With the injury to CW likely you will be targeted more. It’s nice to know you have the ability to play at a high level. Now send your Uncle Clyde to take care of some doubters, okay? ;D

Lmao I’m a young man still… But I was saying I’ve never seen anybody hit their own goalposts… And I’ve never seen anybody nail the upright twice in one game… Glad I realized in the moment I was witnessing CFL history

Ha ha, that was unreal all right …

Anyone of us who has played a bit of catch football of any kind, rush tackle (in 60’s) and the Sun shone in your eyes ,you know how easy it is to catch a football in high beam head lights ,lets all try it and try to get along…or not…that’s ok too

Not sure I’d make excuses for guys whose facemasks get in the way. It’s not like the location of their helmets took them by surprise. And in the absence of the facemask, surely the play would have ended much more painfully (and embarrassingly) for both.

As for hitting your own goal post … If we are going to scrimmage on the wrong side of our own 10-yard line so often, I think we should be trying to use the goal posts to our advantage, instead of letting them thwart our TD plays (as J Jones insisted one would have been). For example, can’t we design pick plays where the goal post becomes like an extra blocker for us?

I guess maybe as an extra blocker for Masoli in the backfield on a pass if he’s scrambling, but the actual stem of the upright is probably a solid 2-3 yards off the goal line so it’s really not a factor in a running play.

You see saavy receivers use it all the time when running routes in the end zone on the opposite side of the field.

What we definitely should do is call a quick pass play away from the goal post instead of Masoli trying to throw across them. Not sure who that’s on but I think we’ve learned our lesson lol At least I hope that was craziness

Maybe he should lose the plastic visor in his grill too much glare ?!

To be fair, is there another QB that can hit the uprights twice in one game?


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I know I’ve never seen it from BEHIND the post. Think I’ve seen Kevin Glenn do it twice in one game in the red zone though. although I could be off on who the QB was

This is definitely some we can laugh about. Both times Masoli did it, the next play he threw for a first down, including a 84 yard pass and run to…yep…Mike Jones…

Yes you’re once, twice, three times a lady… Thank God he didn’t go 3. Equally amazing was those two posts were followed by big plays. Goal posts have never gotten so much attention before. Interestingly, in the end, the post would be our friend in the Als/Argos game … go figure…

I guess we built up some positive karma (goal post-wise) on Thursday which was used up on Friday. :wink:

It had to have been karma! What else could explain that? I thought for sure the Argos had that game won when they lined up for that go ahead field goal.

I thought they might have tied the game and sent it into overtime.

Patiently waiting for the mods to rename this thread:

“Masoli hit the uprights twice in the same game…this thread is to discuss these occurrences”

Obviously, as the O/P I must have a lot of pull to avoid this happening, so far. :smiley:

Perhaps the thread was not “reported” to the “mods” as yet?


I don’t understand the rename reference? Guess I am too slow to get it?

But, in hindsight, it was an odd call to throw to the right while on the left hash on the first one, and I missed the second as we sit in the opposite end zone. Same situation? On the first hit, the receiver was all alone, so I guess the Eskies weren’t expecting him to try a cross body pass, threading the posts either. Would certainly have been a sweet completion.

Gotchu fam. duly reported. Specificity over all else.