Twice as nice: Bombers win back-to-back Grey Cups in OT

HAMILTON — After suffering through a 29-year Grey Cup drought, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have given their fans a new streak. 

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Congrats WIN-nipeg.
Glad Lawrence and Banks are winless.
Collaros is The Man - who Hamilton gave up on. Ha Ha.

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We wanted an exciting game and now our nerves are shot. It’s like everyone here watching the game drank a case of Red Bull. No one have a stroke please… :partying_face: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

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After today the work starts on a 3peat!

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If there’s anything left of us after free agency… ABSOLUTELY! Let’s do it again!! Our GM’s a freakin’ genius so why the heck not eh?!! :grin:

Leave it to the cfl to destroy a classic with a bogus holding call in OT

Stop whining.

Hamilton was holding all game!

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Not whining but if anyone wonders why this league has zero credibility it’s because of calls like that

I don't recall ANY bad holding call during this game.


Bogus or not. The team still has to have to poise to keep going. The Bombers were down 12 going into the 4th and had the poise to get all the scores they needed to get back into the game. Bomber D shut it down. Blame Hamilton for not getting the TD from the 5


Karma bites Acklin in the rear for his disrespect last week for an Argos banner.
And also same to lead singer Max of the Arkells - who Sucks now ?

Fantasy-like Grey Cup played in Hamilton. The teams went back and forth like heavy-weight boxing champions in the biggest match of the decade. A true football gem with all the drama and suspense of two mighty teams pushing, with distinction, to win. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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AND Simoni Lawrence & Banks are winless BONUS

All ruined by a bogus penalty in ot

No bogus penalty - get over it.


Watch it again laughable

Go to bed, the sun will come up tomorrow…


I watched it the first time. No thanks. Don't need to see the penalty again.

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I don’t really care who won or lost the only thing I worry about is the survival of this league and penalties like that do not help