Twenty-Ten: The CEE EFF ELL!!!!!

Hello friends!

I am here raise some topics or cast opinions . . . not really sure yet.

First point, I hope the Allouettes get to the cup this year because I know the Riders will. And I hope it's cold outside on Grey Cup Day! Because MTL revenge is a dish best served cold! I expect the 2010 Grey Cup score to read something like this:
MTL ...................................9
The Saskatchewan Roughriders....43

Secondly, I have no opinion worth presenting on the Riders GM issue.

Third, Burris! I hope you realize that last year's Rider-CGY games were a mere sample of the pain we will be bringing this year!

And finally, 2009's rookie head coaches didn't fare as well as 2007's or 2008's rookie coaches did they? This will make 2010 season year very interesting when it comes to coaching, IMO.

May the Twenty-Ten year bring everybody all the wonderful things they deserve. Good football ahead of us.


PS: Read the first point again, just so we're all clear . . .

Hmmm, the Riders will just because they are so popular with a lot of people, who happen to like the Riders? Whatever Thryllin, you just keep spillin there my man. How many have you had so far today? :slight_smile:

Would like to see the video on that hit, could have been an eligible receiver and a legal tackle?

I thought that you weren’t posting until next season?

No no no.
I am not posting until next year.
Did I say next season?
I don't think I did.

I appreciate the humour . . . but seriously dude I do not drink . . . too many calories. :cowboy:

Who is the eligible receiver?
It can’t be a legal tackle because contact was made before the ball touched Stevie Baggs.

the riders fans need to get over the burris situation. Bc let it go when flutie went to calgary

Calgary got over it when vaugn went to dedmonton.

and the list goes on. its pro sports... no one want to live in regina... it really shoudnt be that much of a shocker.

Instead of projecting a 43-9 Grey Cup rematch against my Alouettes, how about you worry about how to get all your men accounted for on the field?

It's legal because as soon as the ball is tipped, everybody is fair game, it doesnt matter that Stevie Baggs never touched the ball. Same reason Ryan Clark didn't get a penalty when he crushed Wes Welker last year.

Bada Bing....Bada Boom :thup:

Yup you said Next season "training camp means next season"


Its always a Thrill to read a post from Thryllin :cowboy:

THANK YOU. Once the ball is tipped, the rules for PI no longer apply.

Okay, then the picture in my signature is accurate. That really is legal in the CFL!
Grabbing a player from behind and wrapping your arms around his head and pulling him down is legal. Cool with me.

As for the trainning camp thing, that quote says, I won't be back "until it stops hurting". It has stopped hurting now.

As for the BADA BING BADA BOOM . . . Don't worry, I will personally be counting all the players in every situation where it matters and then texting Ken Miler with a message letting him know if the team is good to go. And I have publically voiced my opinion on the terrible coaching of our Special Teams coach Kavis Reed through all of 2009. I expect his hand to held by a real coach throughout the 2010 season.

Maybe MTL should consider getting a kicker that doesn't have to rely on 30 yd mulligans for game winning field goals. Ridgeway the Robo-kicker needed no mulligans.

And finally this brings me to Burris: canadianhothead, you want "Rider fans" fans to "get over" it? What on Earth is your logic there? Should we request permission from you in other situations too? Would you like to send the Rider fans a note on how, when, why and who it is acceptable to cheer for and to boo?
The Rider fans will boo whom ever we please, and that usually means EVERYBODY who isn't a Rider. Unless I am wrong. Maybe next game the Roughrider fans will give Burris a standing ovation for his half season of play with the team. But I am not wrong. Burris is not Richie Hall or even Kerry Joseph.

He can't hear you. His Grey Cup ring is in his ear.

How the hell did that happen? :? I hope he doesn't suffer any permanent hearing loss.

:lol: Naw, it's just something he likes to do sometimes.

it still burns I can't even watch the highlights lol.

Wow! He really does have bad accuracy! :roll: