Twenty-Six Sacks says a lot!

When interviewed at half time of yesterday's game, Coach Bellefeuille said that he planned to make not much more than 3 changes on each side of the ball for next season. He was referring to first string players because he followed up his statement with "and some others", I presume, meaning backups, assistant coaches, etc.

In terms of first stringers, it is my fervent hope that our training camp staff bring in as many linemen as possible, because this team is in desperate need of defensive ends who can rush (sack) opposing QBs, guards who can pull, tackles who can actually block and tackle and new, highly efficient coaching.

The time for getting busy is immediately, even though the team can't do much in terms of recruitment right now, Obie and company need to make up lists of every possible player this team would like to pursue, determine if these particular players are affordable, determine if any of our current players aren't worth the money they're receiving, determine how many of our current coaching and front office staff are replaceable, then with these goals in mind, be ready either now or later, as appropriate, to do some serious business in making this team significantly better. This should be done with some round table discussions (input) incorporating people in the know at the top of our management personnel with Obie and Coach Bellefeuille making final decisions on playing personnel and keeping in mind, the salary cap.

I can understand why the team doesn't want to make wholesale changes across the board as they did in the past couple of seasons, but I would say dump some high salaries for quality personnel elsewhere.

I think that by now, management and the fans understand very clearly who the keepers are and who is expendable.

Thanks for the update. To summarize: we don't have a pass rush and really need one.

Cam Wake had 23 sacks. james quick parker had 26.5 half sacks!!

To summarize further
Cats were last in the CFL in sacks and missed the playoffs
Argos were second last in sacks and also missed the playoffs

Coincidence........I think not!

I agree that we need to develop a pass rush. I think that defensive scheme may have played as much a role in our low totals as did our d-line performance. The number may be a little misleading as Sask only had 2 more sacks (28) for the season. Somehow in spite of this low number, they were able to win games? So, it is possible to have a limited sack count and still win.

Have not had a pass rush since Joe Montford left. I remember when we used to lead the league in sacks, those were the days.

I'm not sure just how misleading it is. Of the remaining teams, Sask is probably the weakest of the teams. They have had a number of injuries this year, have had a number of lucky bounces that have resulted in wins, and have won their share of close contests. The top two teams in the league are Calgary and BC, and they lead in this category.

Don't get me wrong, I think it takes a lot more than just sacks to win football games, but it says a lot about your defense, and how they stack up against the other teams offensive line. I would also suggest that the number of sacks given up (which I believe we were also in last) is another good measure of how good your team is. Both of these numbers measure up how well you are doing in the trenches.