Twas the night before the playoffs

Twas the night before the playoffs,
and all thru the night;
the reporter was trying to think of,
something to write.
He liked to criticise the CFL,
whenever he could.
But this year was tough,
things were going too good.

The ownership was solid,
the fans were all there.
There’s gotta be something wrong,
he thought with dispair.

One story that, he always liked to tell,
was how most of the player’s couldn’t make the NFL.
But even he, had to admit,
that he’d already written too often about it.

T.V. ratings are down, but the stadium’s are almost full.
Hey! Wait a minute! Haven’t some of the games bin
kinda dull?
That’s what I’ll do, ‘bout what I’ll be writin’.
About how some of the games haven’t bin too excitin’.

The reporter sat back with a satisfied grin.
I’m only happy when I can do, some CFL bashin’.

That was quite good. And it sure was good to be reminded that even though the CFL has its share of issues, it is in much better shape than it was in years ago.

I agree that was good ruff.

Al tough it is just a little early for the xmas stuff for my tastes. Even though we do have about 2" of snow on the ground around here. And it's snowing again today.