T'was The Night Before Final Cuts

Will we see any surprise cuts tomorrow? Who's on the bubble?

My nominees would be Dennis, Bauman, and Auggie. I also expect Trafalis to get second snaps going forward.


My cut list:
Jason Boltus QB
Marc Beswick DB
James Hargrave LB
Stav Van Sichem DE
Albert Smith DT
Cody Husband OL
Andrew Hamilton RB (new RB signed)

Not sure if that's enough but that's my closest guess anyways.

They Keep Boltus..

They have to cut Boltus in order to put him on the practice squad, he's not good enough to put on the injured list or any junk like that.

Also Marcel loves Porter, no way will he move Adam ahead of him, he was really defensive of Porter after sunday, always has been.

My nominees are..

Yahia Dalloul, We just have better Canadian talent on the D-Line.

Jerome Dennis, He was brought in here to be a special teamer but with the emergence of rookies William Heyward and Martin Manson he looks to be expendable.

Matt Spanos, Too many Canadian O-lineman with more potential and talent.

James Hargrave, The only American linebacker I see us keeping(aside form our starters) is Ike Brown. Brown is a beast on special teams. Our Canadian linebackers are good enough to make Hargrave expendable.

Cody Husband, We just have too many strong young lineman..

Also I think these guys will be on our practice roster if not released.. Albert Smith, Adam Nicolson, Reggie Fish(Practice Roster if not on IR), Jason Vega, Jonathan Hood, and Andrew Hamilton

Don't know how the idea got started but training camp was never going to decide QBs .
It was all decided last year.
No reason to switch yet.

Regular season play will determine change if any.

Stala, Bauman, MCkay are your CDN catchers, Carter on PR. Nicolson squeezed out.

15 champ's list looks good to me. But maybe not van sichem

The only thing I will say is that I am sure glad I don't have to do it. It must be really tough to make these decisions. Yes, it is a business but you're still dealing with people's lives. No matter what you do someone will second guess you. Having said that, as a coach or g.m. you know it comes with the territory.

All the best, to those who do not make this team, thanks for pushing the guys we keep.

Hargrave gets cut, Husband gets cut, Hood gets cut, Beswick gets cut, Hamilton gets cut, Van Sichem gets cut.

They will hide a few guys on the Injured List.

And at middle linebacker :wink:

And there lies the problem, a coach who isn't looking at the picture clearly. It was Marcel that made us suffer threw half a season last yr. of the QP nightmare before Christmas saga.

I also think Ike Brown is a keeper. I saw some very good run stuffing and gap control by him. I didn't get to see him in any coverage or dropping into zone. Anyone see how he did in those situations?

Hmm lets see

Arland Bruce III - We can't settle for third!
D'Andra Cobb - Gloves are now a mandatory part of the uniform
Jamal Johnson - Because his best in league for tackles weren't all QB sacks
Otis Floyd - Machine gunning the air promotes gang violence
Markeith Knowlton - Needs time to work on his sailing lessons for trying to ride a boat on land.
Dave Stala - He won't go back to playing kicker
Marwan Hage - Doing good for the community means you aren't focused on Football
Kevin Glenn - For making Porter look bad
Adam Trafalis - For trying to make Porter look bad
Sandro De'Angelis - Not because he can't punt, real teams don't need to punt, but because he's good at kicking field goals and real teams don't need to be tempted to go for a field goal on 3rd and long.

Anyways, if you haven't realized it by now, I'm making a joke. I hope someone got a laugh out of that list.

Can Cut Spanos cause of Injury to Jason
we have to start a all Canadian Line till he is back

Hammer, maybe by noon tomorrow, I’ll be able to stop laughing…

A few interesting points were made in some posts here, and I'll comment on them.

I don't think Spanos is going anywhere, but as Tom said, maybe he would be cut if it were not for the injury to Jimenez. In fact, according to what Drew posted here, Rottier and Spanos split time at RT at practice today: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... pdate.html

I also think Husband will be on the way out, as I understand that he has a year left of CIS eligibility.

And I think Boltus will get cut. The question is, will he be kept on the practice roster? That leads to what we may be discussing next: Who stays on the PR?

As much as I want to see Bauman succeed I wont' be surprised if he gets axed tomorrow. At some point the "great potential" life line runs out. Our receiver corps looks pretty good this year and if he isn't a deep threat or willing to go under the middle then he's wasting a spot. Nicholson could easily be the tall NI receiver and MacKay and Carter seem willing to get their noses bloody (a knock against Bauman). Stala isn't getting any younger so maybe these two younger guys could take his spot eventually.

Auggie has had a nice career and it's time to move on.

Dennis was a back up in BC, we traded a back up for him who got cut, if Heyward and Manson make the club then he's pushed out. Tisdale deserves respect and continuity is always a good thing.

Other than that I don't see any surprises come tomorrow. Of course this is never a happy day. Many players cut tomorrow will never play at this level again. I remember my day (in hockey) and it's bittersweet.

Happy to oblige.

Hammer you nailed it (sorry I couldn't resist) - great post!

It's pretty tough guessing what Obie and the coaches might do. To this point, I don't think Carlson's name has been mentioned here and, according to the Spec's Scratching Post, he's been cut and won't be joining the PR.

Checked the Roster and his name is gone!