T'was the Night Before 1st Pre Season

One more sleep before the first pre season game.

MacPherson to see the first half most likely with Santos in relief.

Whitaker in the backfield.

Whyte and Deangilis splitting the kicking duties.

J'ai lu que McPherson, Santos et Neiswnader auraient un quart chacun, dans l'ordre. Qui jouera au 4ième quart? Je parie que ce sera le meilleur de Santos ou de Nieswander, histoire de ne pas risquer une blessure à McPherson, comme l'an dernier.

Kicking situation will also be interesting to follow. Whyte will start.

Miguel Bujold in La Presse this morning says it is Whyte`s job to lose. DeAngelis has shown the stronger leg for field goals and kickoffs but Whyte the better punter.

Trestman non-committal on whether they will keep both. I would venture to guess that if DeAngelis wins the job Whyte would stick around, but if Whyte wins DeAngelis is let go.

I don't expect to see much of that "a@@-woopin" McPherson gave the TiCats last year.
AD wants to make it thru pre-season intact...I'll wager
Santos and Nieswander will probably want to make their marks...however
Should be interesting!

Keeping both really falls in Jim's sphere, when they look at their final rosters, it will have a dollar sign attached to it and that is likely will decide if they can afford two kickers....

Anyone know if Anderson will make his Als debut or will it be Pre season game # 2 ?

I read that most starters will get close to a half.

Thx. From what I can tell, Flory will be watching. Cobb and Richardson seem to be banged up so unsure if they will be dressed. Guess we will know more tomorrow.

Depth Charts are up on the website.

First impression is we`re pretty thin at DT. Hope Bekasiak and Wilson are in good shape.

And if anyone from the team reads our brilliant comments on this site, can you please do the Depth Charts in PDF.

What jumped out at me on the depth chart was Prechae Rodriguez in at slot. . . I always thought he was better suited as wide side WR. .. oh well, pre-season, I am sure the depth chart doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot.

Threads are now much cleaner, no three exclamation marks ending each sentence :smiley:

Good spot to see if he can deal with contact and with JR sitting out, it makes sense.

Gives you an idea how much the Als were counting on Jervonte Jackson. Something will have to be done there... trade ?

I totally agree and said it before,we are extremely "thin" at DT; the players not listed/included on depth chart are DE,except Sagesse. You wonder why DL Kitwana Jones,McGhee,Robertshaw and Sagesse are not playing. Omissions? On its Depth Chart,Winnipeg has 10 players on Defensive line; we have 6 and only 2 DT.

Amongst DB, you wonder why Holness,Laybourn and Seth Williams are not playing; M.Lerner is included as a DB,but he is no longer on roster since a week or so.

Anthony Barrette is not included with OL

All 10 LB on roster are included; too bad a few of them are not DT.

Barring injuries,I say that Whitaker and Bernard will be the RB when the regular season starts; only 1 of them will dress for games. Cobb,who is injured, will be released soon.


According to Radio-Canada, Jermaine McElveen will be in uniform; at least he can also play DT.

Winnipeg will have 6 DT dressed.

When I look at the roster,I don't see too much competition. 1 or 2 "new" WR/SB should be on the roster,-either active or 1 game injury list- 1 "new' DB-Anderson- and maybe 1 more on injured or practice, competition for 6th OL, 1 "new" RB,-Bernard- and competition for K/P and that's about it.


Just curious why you say Cobb will be released? Is his injury more serious than being reported or simply that combined with talent or lack thereof ?

As Richard pointed out, Jermaine McElveen will be in uniform; at least he can also play DT. I liked McElveen at DT last year. Hopefully, he can do the same for us this year.
As someone quoted earlier, "there weren't any studs (DT) at TC this year". And I, for one, was banking on Jackson to come in and fill the void - too bad about that one!
Richard, are there not a couple of others on the D-line that can also play DT?

I said/wrote that I expect Cobb to be released soon, due mainly to the fact that he is injured and could be out for a few weeks; if released,the Als may have to pay a certain amount, if he is still injured once the season begins.


Can't make the club from the tub when there are 3 other chub staring at you in da tub :slight_smile:

I have a suspicion that there are omissions on the depth chart.

Some of the names that Richard mentioned - particularly defensive linemen Sagesse, McGhee, Robertshaw have not been reported as injured. I doubt if Jim Popp would allow only 2-3 DTs to dress. He would have found a way to pull some others out of his cap or whatever.

IS, that had crossed my mind, too - I'm thinking/hoping you're right!