Well I am back doing the TV weekend roundup, please let me know whether you would like me to continue on a weekly basis.
Offering factual numbers with my own applicable comments.

  1. U20 Soccer, Sunday Canada-Congo, CBC @ 532,000 great numbers for a bad team and rather boring sport and this is a one off.
  2. Tennis, Wimbledon men's final Sunday Global @ 389,000 great excitement with five set match
  3. Blue Jays, vs Indians Friday Sportsnet @ 370,000 a decent number for a bad, boring team already out of the race
  4. CFL, Stamps vs Riders, Sunday TSN @355,000 a great start which faded to a blowout as did the Stamps
  5. Auto racing, Nascar Pepsi 400 Saturday TSN @ 347,000 not a sport as involving a machine but plenty of Bubba's watching which is hard to believe
  6. CFL, Esks vs Lions Friday TSN @ 335,000 a great number for a late eastern game
  7. U20 Soccer, Sunday Gambia-Portugal, CBC @ 327,000 I can't believe anyone would watch this crap and of note, the last game Toronto FC played on the Score drew a whopping family and friends # of wait.......15,000---- infomercial does beter
  8. CFL, Argos vs Ticats, Saturday CBC @ 324,000 a disappointing number for prime time I would think vast numbers turned off before halftime
  9. Blue Jays, vs Indians Sunday Sportsnet @ 312,000 which is slightly higher then current season average of 295,000 still down considerably from last year
  10. U20 Soccer, Saturday Japan-Nigeria CBC @ 273,000 I can't believe anyone would watch this insomnia.

The score always gets bad numbers, it's not a channel every house hold seems to get.

Yes I hope you continue....where did you get the numbers this week...I have been checking the Globe, but I have not seen anything. I would like to know how they did on opening week.

This is a very cool idea, keep it up!


Thanx, Argotom. It is nice to get a weekly update of the TV ratings. It would be good to know the ratings of all the CFL games each week, as well as the Top Ten.

Argotom…thanks for the info.

Btw, soccer is not a boring sport. Just because you do not like it, does not make it boring. Many people think the CFL is boring and the NFL is king (not my opinion though), it does not mean they are correct. Soccer is the 1# sport in the world, which is a fact. It’s the only sport that can draw over a billion viewers (2006 FIFA World Cup Germany). So, soccer cannot be that bad if it can draw the crowds and the ratings that other sports wish they could.

soccer is the most boring sport on the face of the earth i would rather watch paint dry. We have the worst team too so there is nothing to cheer for.

Wow...what a counter-argument.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're not a soccer fan, Tom. :lol:

Not much of a soccer fan myself. People like to claim that it's such a great sport because it requires so much stamina... but I remember watching quite a few games of the last World Cup, and I saw many players walking the field. lol

It's no more draining than any of the other major sports.

But excellent post. I'm surprised the Stamps/Riders game didn't pull in more viewers. Maybe the Stamps fans knew what was coming. :stuck_out_tongue:

It requires lots of stamina because the fields are massive and players usually play entire games. It just doesn’t take the physical toll sports like hockey and football do.

I love seeing the ratings in here. Thanks. But, is there a need to trash any sport thats not CFL football?

One thing Canadians and Americans, CFL and NFL fans can all agree on: Soccer is boring. I would rather clip my grandpa Ernie’s toenails than sit through a zero to zero soccer match, then watch hooligans burn down the stadium.

It all depends really. It all comes down who is playing and what type of style of soccer they play. I generally don’t watch soccer but I did catch some of Canada games during the Gold Cup that were actually very entertaining.

To say something is boring without giving any information to back up why you feel that way is just ignorance. It’s the same reason many feel the CFL is bush league, they don’t even give it a chance.

It just depends how you define boring. Lots of people find Curling boring, but it draws pretty good numbers.

Lots of Americans find Hockey boring, but it does alright up here. Personally I can't understand how anybody watches Golf, but they do.

Hell, some people even watch CPAC!

Thanks for the numbers Argotom. I think the Ticats game got a low rating because its the Ticats. Honestly games with them tend to suck unless you're a fan of the other team and want to watch a blowout.

I feel sorry for Hamilton fans, they're some of the best in the league and deserve a competitive team.

There's nothing wrong with soccer. Its a good game. And its obvious Canadians would rather watch soccer than a basketball game.

But as far as CFL ratings go. The games for the most part have been one sided penalty filled borefests.

Still its a good sign that CFL ratings are up this early in the year even with the lousy games.

And when it comes to summer sports, the CFL wins hands down over anything else out there.

Boring to one, exciting to another, everyone has a choice. Personally, I'd rather watch a CFL game that is a 60-0 blowout rather than watch Canada win in soccer, but that is just me and as said, doesn't mean soccer isn't a great sport, it is, just not my cup of tea.

Good viewership for early season football. Now if the CFL and TSN could get together on the CFL broadband that became so popular during the 2006 season.

I am extremely dissappointed, and feel as if TSN is failing to live up to their CFL agreement. Not to mention the failing to live up to the expectations that they created last year to the fans of this great league. The failure of to continue with archived broadband availability really chaps my khakis.

yep, TSN's broadband is crap. They list all these archived games but you can click on them all day and it says "Now Playing", but the only thing that plays is the same sportscentre clip and ad. I also tried the CFL broadband when they have their free game of the week. Didn't work the first couple of times. Then it did work, but it was so crappy and choppy it wasn't worth watching, and I'm on cable with a fast computer. I won't bother with it and would rather listen to it on radio.

It is all so sad considering how good the archived games were on the "Super Player" before revamped it's site.

If you find soccer boring, there is a very good chance you don't understand the game - ie, haven't really given it a chance.

Personally, I've never understood how people would rather watch baseball or golf over soccer, but that's just me.

Soccer is not particularly a game of stamina ... of course you need stamina to play it, but the nature of the game means you spend some time sprinting, more time running, and a lot of time jogging. Yes, it's a huge field, but each player shouldn't have to run too much to get in position.

The gameplay is strategic and tactical, in a different way from football. Few, if any, games flow better than soccer ... watch a team set up and execute an attack. Perfectly placed balls, guys running to the exact spot the ball will be, not to mention great individual skill ...

I'm glad the U-20 World Cup is getting numbers that good, and I hope they continue and increase. Soccer needs to have a stronger presence in Canada so that we can get back onto the world stage. I don't want Toronto FC to overtake the CFL in popularity by any means (partly because MLS is crap, and american), but it's good we're watching FIFA's second-biggest event. Especially considering it likely won't be back in Canada in our lifetime.

Anyway, I bet you a good number of people watching these games are originally from overseas, and they want to watch their home country ... How often do you get to see world-class soccer in prime time in Canada (and in English)? Never ...