Yes this weekend numbers are in and no surprise how the CFL is number one, where it belongs. Like most of us have been saying, a good watchable Argo team is a must(Southern Ontario) to garner this type of figure for the CBC.
Here are the Top 8, with my comments.

  1. CFL, BC-Tor Saturday CBC @586,000, peaking at an incredible 711,000 and the overall yearly average increased to 388,000 which is down 8%.
  2. Baseball, Tor-Oak Sunday Sportsnet @494,000
  3. CFL, Winn-Ham Friday TSN @ 340,000 the networks overall average is at 304,000 and is down slightly at 2% from 05.
  4. Baseball, Tor-Oak Saturday Sportsnet @324,000
  5. CFL, Mon-Edm Friday late DH game, TSN @ 297,000 good #'s for a late night
  6. Baseball, Tor-Oak Friday Sportsnet @ 275,000 expect the Jays number to be around or less then this especially if they continue on same pace and are soon out of the race
  7. CFL, Cal-Sas Saturday TSN @271,000 reasonable numbers for a late night game
  8. Baseball, LAA-Bos Sunday Sportsnet @191,000, again I believe this figure is made up as who would watch these two teams

Last time you did this they Yankees were at Skydome(Rogers center). There are a ton of Yankee fans in Canada, and that is why you saw the ratings spike in favour of those games. If the Jays lose this series and the next one against the White Sox, you could see the CFL numbers go even higher.

Yes, that is true. Also, there are alot of CFL fans in Southern Ontario and it is crucial for the rivalry to flourish between Hamilton and Toronto. With the Argos being the key.
Like that great Canadian and CFL sportswriter who just passed away, Jim Hunt said how the CFL is like porn. Everyone watches it but rarely admits to it.

or like pom night, everone loves that.

and what's with the love for the Yanks? :lol:

BC vs Toronto…the 2 largest english markets in canada. no suprise that the peak was over 700K.

too bad those who watched were treated to a crappy, non-competitive game.

with bad coverage, seems that CBC does the most it can to mess the CFL up when most are watching.

how are the RDS numbers?

The RDS numbers rarely come out in English Canada with the exception being at Grey Cup. So, this week for instance the Als-Esks game had a respectable 297,000 for TSN it is conceivable to say how another 200,000 easy watched on RDS as of course, the Als have a huge following in Quebec. Overall totals at a great 500,000.

last week in the Journal de Montréal
RDS was happy to say so far this year there's a increase of 20% 260 000 (average per game) compare to last year 180 000 for "le football des Alouettes"

(hope there's not to many mistake as you notice english is not my mother tongue) :wink:

Thank you sony68 for providing same. These are great numbers for the Als and the CFL.

Wow! Great number (711,000) especially for a Sat. night game in July!!

I would love to watch RDS on webcast (just to watch a game in French would be something), CFL should look into it.

You can always watch the TSN or CBC webcast ans listen to the French Radio broadcast!

hm, I’ll give that a go, thanks ro! :wink:


hm, doesn't work unless your a member, or a Canadian resident, can I borrow someones address?

What doest work?
Do you even know where to click?

Try registering as a US resident right now.

As far as I know, you can hear their broadcast w/o being a member.

Where did you click?
no registration is required!

I haven't the slightest idea, cuz it's all in French, as it should be, but for a person that doesn't know alot of French, couldn't figure it out, so I googled the site to get it translated, and had another go, and that's when I assumed you had to be a member to hear, so I tried to be a member, but you have to a Canadian resident for that, etc.

So why do you want to listen in French in the first place?

just click on ecouter en direct