The numbers are out and unsurprising, we rule as number 1, and 3 out of the top 4.
The CBC on both occasions is involved. Unfortunately, the Thursday Als-Argos game is not listed in the numbers as not considered weekend.
However based on the average number for both RDS and TSN I am willing to show it as a the number one sporting event during the last seven days.

1A CFL, Tor-Mon Thursday, estimated based on TSN average at 304,000 and RDS average at 260,000 = estimated total 564,000+

  1. CFL, Sas-Cal Saturday CBC @409,000 well above season average of 388,000
  2. Baseball, CWS-Tor Friday Sportsnet @376,000 therefore barely winning Friday night and may be the last such number of its kind for this year
  3. CFL, Ham-Win Friday early game TSN @358,000
  4. CFL Edm-BC Friday late game TSN @315,000 great numbers for over 6+ hours and above TSN
    average of 304,000
  5. Nascar Sunday TSN @ 275,000
  6. Baseball, CWS-Tor Sunday Sportsnet @266,000 these will be the regular numbers or less with the team out of contention
  7. Baseball, CWS-Tor Saturday TSN @227,000
  8. GRand Prix auto Sunday TSN @109,000
  9. Baseball, Phil-NYM Sunday Sportsnet @109,000 I suspect error as there is probably one less 0 at end
  10. NFL Football, pre season Oak-Phil Sunday TSN @108,000 again bad numbers for a boring sport

Well that NFL game did feature a thing about CFL hall of farmer, Warren Moon.

COOL and thanks! what would ARGOS_BILLS say? :lol:

We'll have to ask him.