The numbers are in for the weird and wacky world of sports for this past weekend, being Friday to Sunday viewership.

  1. U20 Soccer Mexico-Argentina Sunday CBC @426,000 this is two weeks in a row, last week you could justify as showing a bad and the worst team in the tournament, Canada. But this is nonsense as our favourite counter of BJ non attendance, Mr Godfrey must have been involved.
  2. CFL BC vs Riders, Friday TSN @380,000 wins Friday night(even more impressive as late Eastern start) spot and for the second week the Rider factor of fans come through. Are there that many out there?
  3. U20 Soccer Spain-Czech Saturday CBC @369,000 see number 1 above, there is no account for taste.
    4.5.6. Blue Jays vs Red Sox Friday,Sat & Sunday Sportsnet @ 363,000, 336,000 & 349,000 Solid numbers for a team out of it.
  4. Auto racing, Nascar 400 Sunday TSN @317,000 not a fan here, but the Bubba and Skeeter factor have many inroads in this country for a machine and not human sport?
  5. U20 Soccer Chile-Nigeria Sunday CBC @303,000 mercyfully it will all be over this weekend and we can get back with our lives at least those who will admit to watching this crap.
  6. CFL Edmonton vs Winnipeg, Friday TSN @294,000 by itself not a great number but when combined with the DH second game some 674,000 viewers for 6 hours of great football.
  7. U20 Soccer US-Austria Saturday CBC @280,000
    fill in your own comment here____________________.

Missing from the top 10 is the Saturday night clash of Montreal at Hamilton, unfortunately the numbers are not available. Let's guess possibly 250,000 may have tuned in on TSN, but when you add the RDS numbers(covering the Als only) and last year the average was nearly 200,000 all of a sudden and hypothetically we have the number one winner on the Saturday which I am declaring.