Here we go again with the TV ratings and the discrepancy in the NFL lumping "regional or late games" into one viewing number.
Plus, again we do not have the RDS figures as they are posted in Quebec only, but our local posters have not submitted the latest figures, other then the mid year season average of 260,000. A figure which I will use and rightfully so until someone can provide us with the actual count. Having said that, I would suspect this amount would be higher now since the Als are out of their "funk" and are battling the Argos for first place. No doubt, the last game of the year at Toronto will be huge for both CBC and RDS and in excess of 1M viewers should be involved.
For now, here is my top 10.

  1. Hockey, Saturday Cal-Tor CBC @1.486M down 26% from 05
  2. CFL, Friday Mon-Sask TSN @350,000 huge numbers slightly above average, winning Friday but with RDS @260,000(see above), I am declaring overall audience @610,000
  3. CFL, Sunday BC-Cal TSN @582,000 unbelievable huge and largest of the year smoking all NFL and proves the point we should have more Sunday games as every Sunday we have shown Canadians watch the CFL. Of cours, winning the day.
  4. Hockey, Saturday Edm-Col CBC @509,000, low DH number
  5. CFL, Saturday Tor-Edm CBC @447,000, up from season average of 416,000
  6. Baseball, Saturday Oak-Det Sportsnet @340,000
  7. Baseball, Sunday NY-St.L Sportsnet @332,000, outdrawing NFL
  8. Baseball, Friday St.L-NY Sportsnet @312,000, outdrawing hockey TSN Buff-Det @234,000
  9. NFL, Sunday "late games" combining see above several games on Global with a dismall 291,000 and still beaten 2 to 1 by the CFL
  10. CFL, Sunday Win-Ham TSN @286,000 below season average but still one game unlike NFL many games.

Thanks argotom, I always find your posts on this topic very interesting.

I wonder if those bean-counters at TSN ever look at these numbers and suggest changes to improve the coverage of the ratings leaders?

You wanna bet TSN is looking at these numbers and they are laughing all the way to the bank.The CFL has
been there mealticket in the summer and fall and they even admit that on occasion. They are only paying 90,000 a game compared to 250,000 at least for hockey and I believe 500,000 for Leaf games. It is no wonder they carry all the games. Yes TSN has helped the league and they promote it, but for there own ends....they are making a fortune...why wouldn't they promote it.

I guess it's time to charge them more for each game...

uhm .. there is only one Sunday Night NFL game.


It is time for the league to start negotiations when the contract ends in 07 at a minimum $20M per year.
As for Statik76, I presume the "late games" are obviously the 4-7:00 pm slot.

Imagine how popular the CFL would be if our national sports channels actually gave it the coverage it deserved?

And it seems as the season goes on, NFL ratings are falling, and CFL ratings are getting bigger. In fact the CFL is actually beating the NHL in some instances. Who’d have thunk that?

And hard to beleive the amount of coverage our media is giving baseball, considering the small TV ratings it gets.

Once again proving that it doesn’t matter how few up here care, as long as the USA cares the media up here will be all over it. What we are interested in matters zip. VEry strange if you ask me.

$50M a year...could that be realistic?

Canada is the best country in the world to live in [in my opinion] , but sadly ENGLISH Canadians seem to be Canadian cultural morons. :thdn:

French Canadians seem to know the value of self promotion. :thup: They know who they are. :thup:

Imagine if our ENGLISH radio stations didn't think that our own music sucked even though many of the worlds best selling bands and artists are Canadian. :thdn:

Imagine if our own media hyped our T.V. programs , books and movies like they know how to do in the U.S. :wink:

The C.R.T.C. would not be needed!

INSTEAD , the ENGLISH Canadian media copies and hypes all things American , ALL FREE OF CHARGE :lol: :roll: :thdn:

Imagine if our sports media compared other big sporting events to "...this event is the GREY CUP of... " instead of " this event is the SUPERBOWL of... "

The SUPERBOWL isn't even close to being the world's biggest sporting event. :thdn:

Imagine how much bigger the CFL would be in CANADA if our own media HYPED the CFL the way Americans hype the NFL. :wink:

But NO , we have to fight our own country man/women to save the CFL , weither it is the media or some of the trolls who post here and else where.

NO , NO , NO , it just makes better business sense to hype all things American free of any charge , making them richer and US poorer. :roll: :roll: :roll:

REALLY , REALLY , DUMB. :roll: :thdn:

Remember this when you want to get rid of the CBC , or the C.T.R.C. :thup:

It is really very sad how we EAT OUR OWN.

Well said hello.

Very well said, hellothere and berezin99. My thoughts exactly. If these ratings numbers are accurate, and I have no reason to doubt that they are, then why on earth does the media not give the CFL more attention?!? It doesn't make sense at all, since money talks, and I assume ratings=money. It's this sort of thing that gets me thinking of conspiracy theories.
It doesn't have to be just TSN, either (who is, as far as I can tell, the only network that decently promotes the CFL, although I don't watch CBC other than for sports, and the CFL is advertised pretty well during CBC sports). The Score is notorious (IMO) for paying more attention to the NFL than the CFL. Sportsnet doesn't seem to treat the CFL much better than the NFL. Obviously hockey is always going to be a clear-cut #1, but why is the CFL not a clear-cut #2?
My guess is because of the Americanism in Toronto. Still ... don't ratings talk?

I don't see the problem in Global counting "regional or late games" as one. It's the same as if the CFL had a day where B.C played Saskatchewan, and Hamilton played Toronto, and both games took place at 1 pm EST. The Western game could be shown to one region of the country, while the Eastern game shown to the others. Viewers wouldn't have an option over what to watch. You would have to lump the numbers togethers.

What about the people who would watch both, if they could?