The weekly TV numbers are out and unfortunately English Canada would lead us to believe how our beloved CFL dropped to number two, with the Blue Jays again leading the pack.
But, the real story or as they say “the rest of the story” upon closer inspection is different.
I am therefore anoiting the CFL as number 1A for the reasons as stated and thanks to our wonderful friends in Quebec and the great following on RDS.

1A. CFL, Mon-Cal Saturday CBC @ 294,000 unfortunately my RDS contact in Montreal has not responded so therefore I will use current average at 260,000= 554,000+

  1. Baseball, Tor-Min Friday Sportsnet @425,000, high number and winning Friday
  2. CFL, Sas-Edm Saturday TSN @ 402,000 which is well above current average of 304,000 and this figure is down 6% from 05
  3. Baseball, Tor-Min Saturday Sportsnet @388,000 good number but CFL rules the night
  4. Baseball, Tor-Min Sunday TSN @ 355,000 I don’t get it the series with Minn and the BJ out of playoff unofficially??? Who is counting, we know…“1 for you 10 for me”
  5. CFL, Mon-Cal Saturday CBC @ 294,000 see 1A, a wonderful game no doubt the boring baseball could never touch this beauty. Officially well below average of 388,000
  6. CFL, Tor-Ham Saturday TSN @ 282,000 disappointing numbers if true, especially for prime time and when you consider the big 564,000+ figure brought in by Tor-Mon last week
  7. Tennis, Rogers Cup Final CBC @ 179,000
  8. Tennis, Rogers Cup Semi-Final CBC @150,000 another low number
  9. Golf, Skins Sunday TSN 140,000 not really a sport and especially this “exhibition”
  10. Baseball, SF-LA Sunday Sportsnet 117,000 not worth commenting, eh.