The TV numbers are out for the past weekend and without specifics and I hate this "reliable source" scenario, the Neilsen Media Group lists the NFL officially as number 1. But, and it is a large but, it would appear all "early games" are counted for their total.
This makes absolutely no sense as we can just as easily state all CFL late afternoon plus games on the Saurday garnered a whopping 1,224,000 viewers and we are not wrong.
For this obvious and because of the RDS unknown exact numbers, I have declared the CFL as the rightful number 1.

  1. CFL, Friday Mon-Win TSN @320,000 which is right at their season average, but the RDS average number for Montreal is another 260,000 = 580,000 winning hands down the Friday night.
  2. NFL, Sunday "early games" Global @512,000 see above for proper explanation.
  3. CFL, Saturday Cal-Tor CBC @489,000 great prime time and well above season average by nearly 100,000
    and winning Saturday.
  4. CFL, Saturday Edm-Sask TSN @468,000 unbelievable huge numbers again and another late eastern 10pm-1am slot produced same.
  5. Baseball, Saturday Tor-NY Sportsnet @340,000 very good numbers for team out of playoffs and no doubt the Yankee draw.
  6. NFL, Sunday Seat-Chi TSN @375,000 I can live with the one game scenario.
  7. Baseball, Sunday Tor-NY Sportsnet @298,000 swan song
  8. Baseball, Friday Tor-NY Sportsnet @286,000
  9. CFL, Saturday BC-Ham TSN @267,000 meaningless game = poor numbers
  10. Golf, Sunday WGC TSN @232,000

The only reason the NFL got a big rating was because no CFL games.

100% market share = success 100% of the time.

You are correct. We remember last week how we smoked the NFL on the Sunday.

sunday tv is always so good, how could the NFL get such large numbers? :frowning:

Im pretty sure that by adding the "early games" together, they just add the games shown on Global at 1pm. IIRC, Global shows different games on the west coast than the east coast, so it actually makes sense to add the numbers together.

Its good to see that some of the averages are up. But I think the league has hit a peak. Some new marketing schemes will have to be found to boost the league to new heights.

Don't believe a word that GLOBAL says.They give phoney , misleading figures all the time.

Also, what percentage of these TV's are in bars where the bars just put on the NFL most of the time to keep all the NFL betors, not fans necessarily, happy?
The NFL is all about gambling for a large part of the people that watch it.

Anyone know what the simultaneous Global games were on Sunday? It could be that all the people who watched a western NFL team on Sunday are from Western Canada, and wouldn't necessarily watch an eastern NFL team. You're right argotom, you can't really compare numbers if one group is watching different shows on the same channel at the same time. But on the other hand, there were apparently that many people watching the NFL at that time ...

I think that with most fans, they follow the CFL locally, but not necessarily nationally ... ie, they follow (watch) their team, but not necessarily any others. (I don't understand why not.)

So if there's a game involving the Lions, with 500,000 people watching it on TV, maybe those 500,000 are all from BC. Likewise, a game with the Argos in it might have 500,000 watching it, but maybe they're all from Ontario. SO if these two games were played at the exact same time, there'd be 1,000,000 people watching the CFL at that time. But since no two CFL games are at the same time (for which I am glad!), it "hurts" the ratings.

The poing of my long rambling is ... it would be MUCH more accurate if Global gave separate ratings for EACH game they showed.

... which is basically what Argotom had to say in the first place :wink:

Yes CK, if Neilsen is tracking viewers for a particular event, be it sporting game or TV show, what sense is it to change the ground rules and say "OK let's add all the NFL viewers for the 1:00pm games".
Sorry, not in my logic.

ArgoTom, its not as bad as it sounds.

They had different games shown accross the country, and cable subscribers could only view one of these games at a time.

Although this would help the numbers, considering each market could find a 'relevant' game, as apposed to the CFL where there is only one game to watch...its not as bad as you make it sound.

Yes, then the tracking company should give us numbers for each of those games. The technology in their receivers which counts viewers is available.

They could do that. But then we would be comparing a bunch of NFL games...shown only in one or two market...versus a nationally televised CFL game.

That would be even more unfair, IMO.

The CFL has also had at least once when the CBC and TSN coverage overlaps and I didn't see a combined figure for those two games. Plus, I have just counted how seven times the CBC and RDS join to show the Als. The TV numbers are always seperated by each network.

You make fair points.