TV Viewers. CFL does 5 times NFL . 20 times Raptors.

The CFL playoffs on the weekend were 1 and 3 in the ratings. Averaging almost 1.4 million for each game.
The NFL's best number was Sunday night at 286,000. Of course with no CFL to go against. But well behind the CFL.

The Toronto Raptors, supposedly a major league sport, did a whopping 63,000 viewers. Or 1/20th of the CFL playoffs.

And Dave Hodge of TSN was questioning why the CFL would try to go head to head with the NFL on Sunday?
My question is why is Dave Hodge still on TV?

Good info berezin. What I find really interesting is the NFL blowing the Raps out with no NFL team in Canada.

Good posting berezin.
The whopping 63, family and friends and in the infomercial range. Just think what some media would be saying if a CFL game ever got this type of number.
And to think the NBA considers itself a major sport in the Canada? Only in Toronto.

So next year the CFL on CBC will be no more eh?

I'm wondering why does Bell Media put NFL games on their main CTV network, which EVERYONE gets, while putting the CFL games on TSN, which some people get, when the CFL's ratings kick the merde out of the NFL, even in head to head. Wouldn't you want your most popular product to be on your biggest network??

When is the media going to wake up and start respectin the CFL. You don't need to love it because it's Canadian, they should love it because it's a potential goldmine for advertising.

Why do the Raptors exist?

I just read that even though Grey Cup does as big of ratings as the Super Bowl, and kicks the NFL's butt the rest of the year, the Super Bowl gets more per advertisement. Because one advertiser said the Super Bowl is "more prestigious".

Funny, but if they do the same ratings, and teh CFL is more popular, how is the Super Bowl more prestigious in Canada?

And I just love to rub into those CFL bashers in the media when TV numbers like this come out. Makes em look like rank amateurs. Which most of them are.

berezin, the Super Bowl is more prestigious among many which doesn't equate with popularity or true love of the game/league etc. Prestige, in some ways, is actually a put down in my books for some things, to say something is pretigious or more prestigious than something else sort of implies it has to have that label to not feel inferior to something else which, in fact, is not inferior in many aspects at all. :wink:
Sort of like saying University of Toronto is more prestigious than Ryerson even though a lot of people say the education you receive at Ryerson is much better in this or that field. As an example say.

Yeah. Its like the Emperor with no clothes syndrome. its big in the USA, so people up here follow right along and dare not question whats so great about it.

Its like this prank I saw on TV. They put people in a fancy restaraunt setting, but then served them frozen dinners.

And after the dinner they asked what they though, and everybody just loved the meal, and thought it was prepared by a master chef. When it was just frozen food!

Just like the reaction to the Super Bowl. People can;t see past the hype.

The Grey Cup is a lot older than the Superbowl and more popular in this country. It is more prestigious in Canada.

What is more prestigious, a World Series pennant or the Stanley Cup? Depends if you ask a Canadian or an American.

Like that berezin, emperor with no clothes and the restaurant thing. Interesting.

Yes mk, for me, if I have to say what is more prestigious, the Grey Cup in a second because I value Canadian history and tradition, these are huge with me. Although, as a kid who say if I had the chance for the NFL, I might take this over the CFL simply for the much better money, I'll be honest there. But still doesn't mean I value it more in my heart. Like the Memorial Cup in some ways also to me over the Stanley Cup.

There is always one very big difference that you see with the Superbowl and the CFL, it is a one game win take all situation.

In terms of pretigious, is that advertizers have created the superbowl into a superbowl for advertizing. Any body who buys time at the game comes out with a new commericial and they have fan rate the commericial and tv shows looking at the top 20 all time. This has nothing to do with the superbowl itself but the unique opportunity it presents. I know people in the states that watch the game just for the commercials.

I don't think you will ever see that in the CFL.

Yup, one of the things I like about the CFL and GC for sure.

It's stupid though. You put your advertising where the most people will see it. More people will see your commercial if you put it on the CFL compared to the NFL.

Prestige of commercials is just a stupid argument. Canadian and American companies weren't going mad paying absurd money to get their commercials in during the World Cup of Soccer, which is BY FAR the most prestigious sporting event in the world. Why? Because not as many people watch it here.

It's just the weird facination with America that everything they do is somehow, "bigger and better"

lol - they exist beacuse there is a market for it in Toronto - as small as it is it's still a market. The upside is the potention advertising you get with being televised in Spain, Italy and in the USA...

I think the question is:
When is the CFL going to wake up and start marketing the CFL properly?

You're right there is a ton of potential in the CFL but it has to be maximized. MLSE and the NBA are doing just that. Despite the lowly tv numbers the Raptors still are evolvong into one of the most valuable NBA franchises.
We can't sit here and blame the media.. I think the blame has to land on the shoulders of those who actually can do something about it - the CFL management.

I think you're right on all accounts here. But I think many companies advertise to their "markets" or target customers.. so advertising to as many people as possible may not be the right strategy in all cases. Sometimes its actually more efficient to target a select group of the market. Just to turn around the "bigger is better" argument...

The CFL is maximizing its potential. With big TV contracts, increased advertising, increasing its TV ratings and attendance increases. And a national footprint only second to the NHL.

But enough about the Raptors. If somehow some rich billionaire was able to steal the Leafs from MLSE, the Raptors, TFC, and MLSE wouldn't be worth two cents and would fall like a house of cards.

And the only thing keeping the Raptors afloat is their US TV contract. Without that they'd be a bigger money loser then they are right now.

And if MLSe put the Raptors up for sale, nobody in Canada would touch them. Because without the Leafs propping them up, they have no hope for survival. Thats a valuable franchise? Not in this coutnry.

There are no words to describe just how ridiculous this post is... You're going to compare the CFL playoffs to a regular season Raptors game? Give me a break, man. Just because you don't particularly care about the Raptors, doesn't me you have to continually put them down. Believe it or not, there are people who like the Raptors... like the 63,000 who tuned in! :roll:

Uh. CFL regular season games averaged over 400,000 viewers. That includes blackout games as well.

For a Toronto team to draw 63,000 viewers, in a city of 4 million people, shows how insignificant the Raptors are.

I'm not saying people don't care. But there's just not many who do.

Exactly berezin, we are saying how the NBA numbers are basically off the wall and do not justify in my opinion being called "major league" here in Canada.
It remains a niche product to only a few.

When I talk about maximizing potential I'm also talking about groth of the market. The CFL is still trying to get over that hump.

berezin - you brought up the raptors... The Leafs would be stolen away. How?... they aren't traded on public markets. So that would mean there would have to be a negotiation with MLSE and in turn with OTTP and the other owners... think about it for 2 seconds.

Exactly - that's why they Raptors are still around... tv deals and potential growth of the youth sports market. TFC - again potential.
Nobody would touch them? Really, based on what? They are worth $315 million - I think there would be a few people interested in that potential....

Yes that is true - it is a niche... but a valuable one.

I can never understand all the chest thumping over the CFL. It's a great sport/product... yes. Heads and tails over the NFL. But to constantly put down other leagues and say that we are so much better because we are Candian is silly. The Argos are not worth even half of the Raptors. The CFL in the greater view of the world sports scene is little more that a niche market itself... of course it's big here... we are the olny ones playing this brand of football.
Compared to the CFL the NBA is major league where it counts... in terms of $$$$. Not as a Canadian or American thing.... We should all be proud of the CFL. But we should what it to become much more that it is.