TV viewers are officials in golf, what a joke

The LPGA and PGA if they allow this, need to change this stupidity immediately. What a joke:

Rickie Fowler among those decrying LPGA's inane ruling on Lexi Thompson
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Agreed - 1/2" margin of error on a 12" putt. Even George Knudson would sink 999 out of 1000 from that distance - and George was a horrific putter!

The right course of action would have been to let the tournament finish - confront Lexi with video evidence and if she admits guilt - fine her 1/2 her purse - BUT DON'T TAKE A MAJOR AWAY FROM ONE OF GOLF'S RISING STARS!

With the Asian Invasian well underway - Lexi Thompson is the brightest female star in golf - she's athletic, she hits the ball a mile, she's confident but not super outgoing (ie. mouthy).

This was an idiotic ruling - although Judge Gorsuch would confirm it (he's a letter of the law guy, right?)

In a strange twist - and sports, like life is full of twists - this bizarre event elevates Lexi Thompson into being golf's pre-eminent sportswoman. She handled it well, and she was unfairly treated.

With the sexy American stars like Paula Creamer, Michelle McGann, Stacy Lewis games in the toilet - Lexi Thompson, early 20s is NOW the IT GIRL OF AMERICAN GOLF! :cowboy:

Agree on on counts Lyle. Didn't consider asking her Lexi directly and going from there, that would have been appropriate I think. :thup: cut her a break on the rules because she is white, American and sexy?...I see....

Guilty yer honor - guess I missed she was young & tall - Stacy Keibler legs to boot! lol

It was definitely a BS call… no one from home should be able to call in and take a championship away from anyone… can you imagine if a Grey Cup or Stanley Cup was decided by a viewer in that fashion? Or how about someone noticing a foot fault in a tennis match at Wimbledon? My guess is that whoever called in has nothing better to do, than to watch an LPGA event in high def or what is it now 4K high def? Whoever this is, must go into convulsions when he watches the news or a crime drama …

...I'm going to take a counterpoint to this argument, the side that says this all worked out correctly... is of all the professional sports the most 'honest'...players hold themselves to a high degree of accountability and when that code of conduct is intentionally broken, both on or off the course, the guilty party is rarely if ever forgiven by their fellow players...did Lexi intentionally cheat? no, of course not...but she broke a rule (actually two) and benefited from it, and as much as it is disappointing the error was caught the correct verdict resulted...

...television viewers have for some time been able to comment to the L/PGA about things they picked up on when their own officials have missed is an extension of the fraternity of those who play and honour the rules of the's unfortunate for the player involved here, but to look aside and not honour the rules is worse... not widen home's 17" for a reason...if you do not know what I mean by that please take a few minutes to read this...

Fair enough R&W but for me, golf is no different and the sport shouldn't behave as though it's above all else in terms of ethics. I just don't believe TV viewers should have a say, regardless. It actually cheapens the sport to me to be honest to allow this.

So then fans should be able to call balls & strikes in baseball, offsides in football and hockey? Or how about goals? Quite the slippery slope… I guess there is no need for any kind of officials in any sport, let the fans decide!! :roll:

I think this is wrong too. If the officials didn't spot it, let it go.