So In reality, according to the TV the score was really 27-15 :stuck_out_tongue:

as nobody saw the Stamps score their first 3 points hahaha

...YEAH ...and what's the excuse for the other bumbling through the year....also going back to last...Golf ,kicking games over to tsn 2 among other crap......cutting away from games with no post game...sometimes NO pre-game....If you think that's great broadcasting then you must be easily placated...Sorry ...I don't agree with the 'conspiracy' theory....but incompetency might be a better description...Seems they're always apologizing and i can see why. with talent like Black doing the games... :lol:

Man, the posts by Xvys and papa are beyond ridiculous...

Guess we better pack things up and go back to the CBC. At least with the CBC we only miss the ending of games, and they're kind enough to entertain us with Nick Nolte movies.

Get a grip, people!

...c'mon chief....nowhere did i suggest we go back to cbc.....but i sure as hell am hoping for a more...let's say''''higher priority' than what we're presently seeing from tsn......No network is perfect....but let me suggest to you...if you think that Black is high calibre, in his delivering of CFL games then, i can see why we would never see eye to eye....They can do better in a lot of areas than what is currently being provided....By NOT bringing this to anyones attention will net you more of the same....Guess you're happy with that.. :wink:

I would like to see the CFL back on CBC with some games still on TSN, seem to always run into these problems with TSN

I want CFN back.

If you wanted to see the CFL get treated like a red-headed stepchild, look at how it was treated by the CBC in the last 15 years or so.

TSN gives the CFL tremendous exposure, and in my mind, extremely high priority.

NFL games cut away without post-games all kinds of times. And when prior events run late TSN starts the other on TSN2 - it's one channel up for chrissake - press the / arrow on your remote and you're golden. And, one time, they moved a CFL game to the deuce because the league scheduled a game on a day and time that it knew full well it's broadcast partner had Ryder Cup commitments. That one's on the CFL, not TSN. was not that many years ago when my wife and I were watching hockey playoff game. A very important one! The cameraman panned to a section of the spectators and killed the sound. It took maybe a full minute before I realized what was happening. A full minute just staring at the crowd. The And no "sorry for the technical difficulties" message on the screen either. It remained that way for the duration of the game. The CBC crew walked off the job in the middle of the game as part of their strike strategy.

Needless to say we were livid!

Couldn't have said it better, Artie... but I'm sure the message will sail over the heads of some.

Yes you are right but I liked it when both CBC and TSN carried the games

What on god's green earth was good about the CBC (after Ron Lancaster left)?

Was it the no-football-until-after-Labour-Day strategy?

The one game a week strategy?

The let's focus on the Argos approach (to the point where it makes HNIC's Leafs coverage look pedestrian in comparison)?

Was it Chris Walby's invention of a new language (overneath, anyone)?

Was it a half-season full of games with no on-air crews and management running cameras that managed to keep the ball JUST out of the camera frame, and who bit on EVERY play action fake?

Was it the cutting away from a live game to ensure that a taped Nick Nolte movie started on time?

Help me understand, because I'm at a loss, here.

This is the biggest for me. People keep complaining about the most trivial crap when it comes to TSN, yet no one ever mentions this. It's like it never happened.

We had a great game that night between Edmonton and Saskatchewan. The teams were going back and forth. And instead of being able to catch the ending, I had to watch the scorebox on!!! What the hell??? That's far, far worse than ANYTHING TSN has done so far... I think that issue alone is enough to bar the CBC from ever broadcasting another CFL game.

And what was their great excuse? The guy working that night had gone home, and no one had his number because he moved? Give me a break... Can you say incompetence? :roll:

....ARE YOU in the tsn executive....sure sound like it.....THERE IS always room for improvement....Since tsn has handled ALL of the CFL telecasts.....(captured audience you might say) they believe the CFL will accept mediocrity....Where is the 'great' improvement since taking over....Black over Walby...c'mon ..I at least got a laugh out of Chris... clueless Black...not so much :thdn:

I don't disagree with any of your points.
However, let's look at the NFL and since you have quoted it. Every Sunday we have the one hour pre game and the very same pre game which presumably pre-empted any possibility of having the CFL playoff preview like last year but I believe it was on at 10:00AM on Sunday?
It's easy for the NFL or being TSN due to simulcast to leave the game at conclusion when we have had pretty much all day over the top coverage by several networks and which in Canada is picked up by the two all sports networks and heck even the Score runs their own version.
My bottom line is this, I agree how TSN has done an excellent job in carrying the league and developed the Friday Night game etc..
But, at times their "coverage" or lack thereof is curious and leaves alot to be desired and questions when comparing the "elephant in the room" and especially since TSN is making a handsome profit which grant you was the mistake of the previous CFL administration.
I haven't mentioned the GC being on TSN while the SB is on the larger CTV network. Why the difference?

TSN uplinks all their games from the stadium with a satellite truck. This is why on occasion there are problems with their game broadcasts as now there are many factors that can disrupt the broadcast. They started doing this when their broadcast went to HD format. There was talk that SaskTel would once again supply the fibre this year for the transmission of the games (like we used to do in the Standard Definition days) as they are capable of transmitting HD and have been all along. Unfortunaltely TSN decided to continue with their satellite broadcast. Now SaskTel out of the goodness of their hearts continue to provide a backup to TSN by way of fibre, even though TSN does not pay for this (unless they happen to need it in an emergency) as was the case on Sunday and a couple of other times this year. That is why the outage is only about 10 min instead of much longer. All the football fans watching the WF owe SaskTel a big thanks for getting the game to broadcast in a speedy fashion so we could finally get Fourde & Black off the air and get back to the game.

I have no allegiance to or connection with, TSN. I do, however, have a powerful aversion to the CBC and all things wrong with that rotting hulk of a network.

Having said that, though, I don't disagree with anyone who says things could be done better, or different, or whatever. Would a standard half-hour pregame show before the Friday nighter be good? Yes. They do it sometimes, but not all of the time.

Would a playoff pre-game be good? Yes.

Would a weekly TWIB-type show be good? I dunno, I probably wouldn't watch it because it will be mindless dreck - highlights from the last games I'd seen a hundred times, news I'd read about here already, and some dorky human interest story. But it might have appeal to kids or more casual fans.

But do I believe any good can come of going back to CBC? No.

For all the wrongs you complain about, remember, it was CBC who decided the CFL was not worth covering AT ALL until September, and then only in a limited capacity.

And, however mad you were about an unplanned technical problem yesterday, how is that worse than what CBC did in the oft-complained of Edmonton-Rider game, when it was done on by a person, on purpose, and was a perfect expression what CBC is all about?

Complaining about minor technical difficulties is kind of pointless. If equipment is going to malfunction, then it's going to malfunction. Now much you can do about it. Like I mentioned earlier, even the NFL has technical difficulties, and I think we can all agree that that league has far more money and far richer broadcasters, so if even that league isn't immune to technical difficulties, then what makes people here think the CFL should be? As the saying goes, Shit happens!

As far as TSN's overall coverage goes, I have no problem with it. The only thing I'd like to see changed is Rod Black calling games... but even that's not a huge issue. We may not have had pre-game shows for the playoffs, but we had quite a few during the regular season, and to be perfectly honest, I don't really watch the pre-game shows... for a lot of the reasons Artie mentioned. They seem kind of pointless. I have no problem with just a quick 10 minutes of discussion before the game: What teams are playing, what's the season series, what does each team have to do to win. Get to the game!

I have written TSN, CBC, and the CFL regarding coverage of CFL games. TSN absolutley stinks. The 'problems' they had with the Rider/Calgary game yesterday was just the last nail in their coffin for me. During the season we had to put up with watching golf, or car racing before they would switch to the CFL game in progress.

They don't cover the entire field. They focus waaay too much on coaches and players faces while missing what is actually happening on the field. They can't seem to put up the remaining yards after a play until the next play has started, most of the time. They don't bother to cover half-time on-field events. They continually miss telling us why a penalty has been given. I could go on and on.

I dearly miss the CBC coverage of our games. The CFL should immediately cancel their contract with TSN and renew CBC as the sole provider of all CFL games.

I smell a CBC hack...

Dad??? :lol: