Why do I get the feeling this would never happen in hockey or any other sport...except CFL.

Please... I was watching a NFL game the other night (I think it was the MIA/CAR game), and it would screw up whenever they'd finish showing a replay. And today during the Colts game, I noticed they were having some issues. The screen would go black for a second. It's not just the CFL.

biggest game of the year tsn cant get the game going till 5 min in maby cbc can do this right wake up TSN or let someone do it that can

At least twice every season there are major transmission problems for games at Mosaic. It's the facilities in Regina IMO, not a conspiracy.

there is no conspiricy. Football is famous for this. it happens in soccer as well. I think cold outdoor games have something to do with it.

Even more reason to build that new stadium.

Seems to me that there are some misplaced priorities with TSN. If nothing esle, they should have split the screen so we could see the kickoff and beginning of the western Final.

Splitting the screen would have been entirely ridiculous, considering it was a transmission problem and not a game-length problem...

now this is just sad...

Technical stuff happens anywhere, unfortunate in this case it was such a big game but stuff happens. No conspiracy whatsoever.

Darn gophers chewing on the wires again!

Blame Gainer and his furry rodent cohorts!


At least TSN has apologized for the goof-up.

Same thing happened on NFL opening weekend this year. The first 20 minutes of the CFL game had mysterious "transmission problems" right at 1:00 pm, coinciding with the NFL kickoff.

At least this time is was technical. Last game it was because a stupid horse wouldn't get in it's chute.

Seriously, bumped for a horse race?!?

The Breeders Cup is a pretty big deal...

Breeding is a popular scientific task for sure, what do they do breed genes from different horses to get a super horse to run fast? I think I'll pass on a so-called "sport" as that, thank-you muchly. Not my cup of tea.

Not bumped, delayed.

....IF tsn can't deliver on important CFL action and make it a priority...then i suggest they get out of broadcasting the CFL PERIOD.......and take that lame Black and Forde with them...I don't know if there is any option however....which is sad for the league...Obviously the nhl/tsn network doesn't view us as a high priority,,,Apologize all they want...that was in-excusable..just b.s. :thdn: :thdn:

pap, get off your high horse. Explanation from TSN as in the Globe:

Greg McIsaac, spokesman for TSN, told Usual Suspects the broadcast was "unfortunately interrupted at the beginning of the game due to an unforeseen satellite truck technical failure. Our crew quickly rectified the situation. We apologize for the interruption and any inconvenience this caused our CFL fans."

ya to suggest it's a conspiracy against the CFL is ludicrious! it happens everywhere..