TV shows, old and new

What’s your favourites and where can you find them :…’’’’

We stream shows and have only Global and CBC on air networks to watch live .

ON You Tube older shows WE put on the TV they are free :

Mary Tyler Moore Show - I still enjoy it .

Rhoda - Don’t really care for it but somebody else likes it

All in the Family ( just the first years ) - Still makes me laugh to this day

Rules of Engagement - Laugh a minute show David Spade at his smarmy best

King Of Queens - watched too many times now will need to stay away - Arthur will always make me laugh .

New Series or still producing : Shows today that are must watch at home for us.

Barry - Really enjoy the quirky hitman/actor series (HBO)

The Blacklist - Its getting stale but I still put it on the tube ( Global TV )

Game of Thrones - Last two shows airing this month will really miss it(HBO)

Killing Eve - I watch it as somebody else likes it so I watch it with them (Bravo)

Vikings - On its last season love the show it will be missed when its over (History )

The Last Kingdom - A good Vikings series found on ( Netflix )

Curb your Enthusiasm - Larry David being a jerk and it works (HBO)

The Sopranos. That was the show that had me on DND on Sunday night.

Mad Men is my fav series…terrific character development and story line arcs
Currently really liking The Kaminsky Method with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.(Netflix)

I have been introduced to ( or caught up to again) some old TV comedies. Some are remarkably fresh today,
-Mary Tyler Moore
-Bob Newhart as the psychologist
-Frazier-really great writing.

What I love about the “old comedies” was how good natured they were. And well written. Not just a set-up to embarrass someone or group. Or teach a lesson.

Series so good, Johnny wishes he could erase them from his mind, and see them for the first time again.

-Breaking bad;
-Better call Saul;
-The Sopranos;

Ozark on Netflix fits right in with that group. Jason Bateman in one of his better roles.

Two seasons released to date.

No android streaming box ? $100 one time shot and no monthly charges. Every show ever made somewhere. CFL on BBT for me. Every major sporting event. Cricket and soccer 24/7.

Personally hooked on Coronation St. :slight_smile:

Agreed, “Ozark” is a great series.

I have the android box but sometimes acts up , Apple TV that gives me over the air channels and city TV first run shows then they are locked and youtube (neither TV is a smart TV) lets me get TSN in June and Netflix which somebody else pays for .
Ozark is entertaining should have mentioned it . Not sure how far they can go with it .

Was a Coronation addict at one time but they changed the characters personality over night and would drive me nuts . So I pulled myself away . Not allowed to yell at the TV . :smiley:

Cheers my fav.

Greatest Show off all time,

All in the Family.

My other favorites, in order.

Baa Baa Black Sheep (later black sheep squadron) - Robert Conrad

Rat Patrol - Christopher George (had a smokin hot wife in real life, Linda Day George)

Sheriff Lobo - Claude Atkins. (the guy who played deputy Perkins was hilarious)

The Expanse
And other classic sci fiction shows such as Stargate, Farscape and Deep Space Nine.

Lol recently I was streaming Alf on Tubi, which is mostly all crap except for the odd gem, but is free being ad-supported.

Normally I just stream through my PS4, but lately I’ve been plugging a HDMI to my TV set and streaming through my computer. That way I can get all the apps, including TSN.

All in the Family
Yup argonaut, priceless.

I would add to the list.

All in the family
Star Trek
Star Trek:The Next Generation

When I was a wee little fellow I still remember watching Saturday morning TV. Shows like Captain Kangaroo, Mighty Mouse, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Diver Dan, The Friendly Giant, The Cisco Kid, Rin Tin Tin, Sky King, Popeye the Sailor, Last of the Mohicans, Satch and the Dead End kids, and the Little Rascals. I loved these shows…Later on I watched a show called The Professor’s Hideaway. It was interesting. Don’t hear too much about it anymore. Anyone remember it ?

These were shows for kids and they sure beat the hell out of some square sponge guy with pants.

speaking only on new shows for now, I find that I am not in the majority as far as most shows I do and do not like.

The news shows on this last sept/may season that I watch are

  • FBI
  • The Rookie
  • Whiskey Cavalier
  • The Fix

We normally try to avoid brand new shows as we have been disappointed too often getting into a new show and liking it, only to have it disappear.

We started watching FBI because it had Missy Peregrym from Rookie Blue as well as Sela Ward, who I have always liked. One thing I don’t like about this show is the loud mouth that spends most of the time just walking around the office barking info and orders. I liked Missy on Rookie Blue but was looking forward to seeing her expand her acting. I was hopeful after seeing her do a great job as a guest on SUV. Totally believable as a very different character than her Rookie Blue character. Different voice and facial inflections and body language. However, I find her to be playing her FBI as a slighty harder or tougher version of her Rookie Blue character which is a little disappointing. The writing for the shows seems adequate and other characters have promise, but I would not be surprised to see this show cut this year or next.

We started watching The Rookie because we like the two previous series that Nathan Fillion has done. we like his character on this show as well as most of the other regulars. The writing is good enough to give me some hope this show might stick around, although I don’t know how they can extend the premise of a 40 year old rookie into following years.

A rare occurrence these days is that we started watching Whiskey Cavalier simply because the ads for the show interested us a lot. We like the two lead characters and most of the supporting ones. It is a lighthearted fun spy type show and in keeping with that the writing is good so far.

As for The Fix, it is not normally they type of show we watch because we don’t really care for shows that are more like an extended extra long mini series, like 24. We are watching it anyhow because we like Robin Tunny a lot. It is actually not a bad show and it looks like it will only be 10 shows this season which could mean they wrap it up in timely fashion. Writing for this type of show seems to be good so far.

There have been a few other spy/cop type shows that seem sort of interesting but we will wait and see on those. Most of the rest of the stuff doesn’t interest us.


American Pickers

Bojack Horseman (Aaron Paul producer)

Eastbound and Down (Will Ferrell)

CFL football

2nd best Comedy, EVER, behind All in the Family,

Faulty Towers , with John Cleese as Basil Faulty.

I bring this up because some idiot millennial did a poll saying that the big bang theory is the best comedy series ever.

big bang was good, but has been stale for a few seasons, its not even as close to as good as Seinfeld

So because someone likes BBT over your favs he’s a millennial idiot?

BASICALLY, yes. Like, if you watch any comedy, like, you’d know it too, (my best millennial speak)

I’m a crotchety old white guy, at fault for EVERYTHING since Creation, and I’m also always correct !!
(except when corrected by Dan38, because I respect my elders, unlike most millennials)


(NOTE: if “everyman” is a millennial, then he/she/both will most likely want the last word)

Probably wise to remember that when you were young watching and loving All In The Family your elders would probably say it wasn’t as good as I Love Lucy.

best ever comedy in terms of laughter producing was Three’s A Company.