TV Schedule

Ottawa must have worse TV ratings than even Winnipeg. I noticed that out of the six regular season games not being shown this year. Ottawa is in four of them.

I wonder if this will effect their TV revenues. If they get any?

This schedule sucks. The July 29th game vs. Sask is broadcast in the U.S., but not in Ottawa ??? And there’s a stretch where there are no Ottawa games televised for three weeks. Wake up CFL !!! STOP SHAFTING OTTAWA FANS. Ottawa fans should write and DEMAND that the CFL show those games. There are only 9 CFL teams that play an 18 game schedule. You would think that there are 86 games like in hockey or 100 + like in baseball. C’mon, why not show all the games ? It’s not like there are a lot of sports to televise at this point in time. !!! I BET TSN will be showing golf or 5 pin bowling and CBC will be showing Anne of Green Gables, Wind At My FRIGGING Back or Hinterland’s Mating Habits of the Caribou or some BS. JESUS. Send me with my camcorder and get Rogers to telecast it or something.

Absolutely ridiculous…and EASILY fixable. Examples:

  1. July 29th vs Sask. TSN is showing the Cal/BC game that night. 10pm Eastern time. SO: Move the Ott/Sask game back to a 7:30 or 8pm Eastern time kickoff (I dont think Sask fans would mind a slightly earlier start, would they?) Move the BC/Cal game up to a 10:30 Eastern kickoff. And there you have a nice little Friday-Night-Football Doubleheader.

  2. August 6th Ott vs Hamilton 7pm kickoff. CBC is showing Winn/Cal that night, 7pm kickoff. Easy: Move the Ott/Ham kickoff back one hour, move the Winn/Cal kickoff up an hour or 2. Its still an early game in Calgary. And there you have a nice little Saturday Night Doubleheader on CBC.

  3. August 19th Ott/Winnn. TSN showing Ham/BC at 10 eastern. Same as # 1 above; Move the Ott/Winn kickoff back one hour, move the Ham/BC kickoff up 1/2 hour. And there’s your Friday Night Football Doubleheader.

Terrible scheduling if you’re a Renegade fan!!!