tv schedule holes

Hey Guys

I have noticed that there are holes in the schedule this year for a few games not being coverred by TSN, CBC or RDS. I think we should all voice a complaint with TSN/CBC/RDS/CFL over this. We should have all games televised. This is bad. Can anyone overturn this? Being the ONLY national sport this year, you would think ALL games would be televised. What are your thoughts?

P.S. Good win tonight Rens. Rens fans, you must be proud, I just love seeing the Don lose

Yeah, lets all bitch to the league abou that!

Is there another channel or sports network in Canada that can fill those holes???

Sportsnet covered 4 games last year. So far nothing has been said about the "Holes’ this year.

Toronto VS BC…NO coverage…Are you kidding.

With do respect to Edmonton fans, This Grey Cup re-rematch should be telivised on TSN not the Edmonton game.

I have to agree with Sportsmen. They are showing the wrong game that night. Hard to believe with just four games per week that we actually have two games on at the same time. I know it has to do with stadium availability in a lot of cases, but seriously, how hard can it be to sort out?

I believe that I heard that Sportsnet has an option on the games not being televised, but I would assume that only applies where it wouldn’t cause two games to be on TV at once.