TV rights war

From the Toronto Star. Interesting Sportsnet is going after the younger generation, implications for the CFL?:

CFL gridiron gang in rights tug-of-war

"There were a lot of creaky knees and swollen knuckles on display yesterday at the Rogers Centre as a cast of CFL greats helped launch a TSN venture to find the league's 50 greatest players.

It's a noble project that will culminate in a televised unveiling of the Top 50 in November.

But a conspiracy theorist might have deduced there was more at work here than a celebration of the league's rich history. After all, the league's broadcasting deal is up at the end of next season and preliminary talks have already begun on a new deal.

That may or may not have been why CTV Inc. president Rick Brace was on hand. He could have been there to get autographs, but he also might have been making a statement that the CTV-TSN entity plans to keep CFL broadcasts to itself starting in 2008.

In the past, TSN has held the CFL rights and then sold off a package of regular-season games, the playoffs and the Grey Cup to the CBC. But there are more than a few rumblings around the business that TSN's escalating war with the public broadcaster may lead to the big games moving to CTV, leaving the CBC out of football for the first time in more than 50 years.

"We haven't determined where we're going," said TSN president Phil King.

There are many reasons to believe the CBC could be squeezed out.

Every broadcaster in Canada would love to have the Grey Cup. It and the Super Bowl rank behind only the Oscars and Grammys in drawing power.

The CFL division finals routinely draw more than a million viewers, too. As for scheduling, football is also a good fit for CTV. Saturday afternoon games won't disrupt the schedule while providing some valuable Canadian content.

Overall, the CFL is an attractive package. Ratings have risen every year in the last decade, though they likely will take a dip this season.

But that 7 per cent drop on TSN and 9 per cent on CBC come with an explanation. An extra five blackouts, poor starts in Hamilton and Toronto and a dearth of compelling games have all hurt audiences.

But there's something more at work here. The CTV group is at war with the CBC and CEO Ivan Fecan is known as a man who prefers crushing the opposition to winning 3-2 in overtime.

Word is he was less than happy when the CBC stole the World Cup last week. A Grey Cup package might return the smile to his face.

There are other possibilities, of course. The CBC could come up with enough money to persuade TSN to maintain the status quo. Global could even get involved.

Either way, CFL commissioner Tom Wright should be able to achieve his goal of improving on the $45 million in rights fees the last five-year deal produced.

"Rights fees aren't everything," Wright said yesterday, "but we do anticipate an increase."

And Wright insisted his lame-duck status won't affect TV talks, which could mean a deal sooner rather than later.

NOTES: Because of CFL and Blue Jays conflicts, Sunday's Dover 400 race won't be on the conventional outlets in Canada. However, Rogers will show the race on Channel 59. It will also air on TSN's HD channel as well as on Rogers digital and Bell ExpressVu. ... Global is expected to announce that it has a new PGA deal. That includes the Canadian Open, which will be produced by CBS and the Golf Channel. ... One of Canada's best-known sports anchors, Jim Van Horne has resigned from Rogers Sportsnet. Van Horne, a victim of Sportsnet's drive to attract younger viewers, was unhappy with his diminished role. ... Tie Domi joked this week that his new role on TSN might require a tape delay. The fact he uttered several expletives during his press conference confirmed that. ... Sirius satellite radio will carry all Chelsea soccer games live starting tomorrow."

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The CBC's coverage has been terrible this year. And the CBC hasn't released last year's Grey Cup on dvd, so I'm all for 100% coverage by TSN/CTV. And the more tv revenues for the league, the better.

A lot of people also don't like CBC and how they do Hockey Night in Canada, writing is on the wall for their sports I think in the future although getting the World Cup in 2010 and 2014, some $27 mill I think they paid according to the Globe.

Give it to CTV, they will probably do a bang up job!

Why not allow all the networks carry a game per week? Sell the games per week! The highest bidder per game gets the rights!

TSN deserves alot of Tanks from diehard CFL fans, its TSn and its Friday night football that have helped the cfl off lifesupport- imo CTV- and Global can go to bleep with all they have done for the last 20 years!! BUT if other networks want to start a bidding war thats great as long as they can put on as good a show as TSn,

Chris Z. of the Toronto Star writes regularly on Sports. By en large, he is positive on the CFL. He may be correct with the TSN and parent company CTV connection in the next big TV deal at the end of next year. Plus, ther may be some involvement with Global.
But, where I believe he is not correct is about the statement how the CFL "shoulc be able to achieve on the $45 million" being the previous contract. That's a mere low ball $9M per year. I have been saying how the next contract should start at a minimum $20M per year which is the rediculous amount currently paid by Global to the NFL.

IS that what Global pays for the right to paste over U.S commercials? :lol: :lol: - The CFL outratings the NFL every year, CFL may get 25 mil a year :stuck_out_tongue:

20M per year would be great.

So long as the CBC doesn't try to outbid them with our tax dollars.

Yes Global has been overpaying for many years including the current $20M per year.
Like I have said, I would start the bidding process at $20M and hopefully it could land much higher.

arent tsn, and ctv in the same distributing rights? tsn can broadcast the games, but let ctv broadcast the tsn version aswell, beause everyone who owns a tv in canada gets CTV, where as you need at least cable to get TSN, know what im sayin?

TSN can continue with the great job on FNF and other nights. The main parent company and major network CTV would presumably come in for the playoffs and the Grey Cup, being yearly the highest watched sporting event.
There is also talk how Global may buy into some nominal way, like one day a week and they previously talked about a Saturday. In fact, story to be told was before this latest deal, Global offered more money reportedly $11M per year and they wanted to show all games on a Saturday. Like the NFL primarily being on Sunday. We are all glad that the CFL stayed with TSN, the great TV partner.

CTV should get friday nite football....more people get CTV so that would get higher ratings on CTV....

-thursday nite games : TSN
-friday nite football: CTV
-saturday football : CBC
-sunday football : TSN

Why would GLOBAL even consider showing CFL games if their NFL games are making money. :wink:

We all know that they are not! :oops:

The CFL has earned a great new contract and the polls and T.V. rating #s prove that! :thup:

$45 million for a 5 year deal - PLEASE someone tell me this is an error.

Canada with a population of 30 (or so) mil, and its tv networks can only drum up $45 mil a year to broadcast the second [icehockey is no. 1?] most popular tv sport in the country, while Australia with a population of 21 mil has just had a biding war where it’s tv networks will hand over A$156 mil (about $130 mil Canadian) a year for the next 5 years for the rights to broadcast Aussie Rules, and the Rugby League has a deal worth about A$50-60 mil a year and even the 1 year old soccer league just won a 7(?) year deal of A$20 mil a year.

So what is the value of this new contract?

The CFL was in an ugly place when the last deal was signed.

This deal should be a huge improvement

you are wrong tsn took onthe cfl as a last ditch effort to save the network they lost alote of big game and sports over the years they took it on as what hell do we have to lose.They used to have hockey all the time now its the game of the week and when did poker become a sport or the wwe they are not sports but with that and they cfl they owe the fan.

It's all about priorities. Up until the late '60's early'70's the CFL paid their players more money then the nfl. Then the nfl discovered the almighty T.V. revinue system.

Canada supports Fotball there's no doubt, but not like Hockey. Whereas the u.s. supports Football above all else, but still has the financial wherewithall to support other sports as well simply because of our population.

Sandro Deangelis is getting $345,000 for kicking a ball!!!!! Granted this may not be as much as he would get in the nfl.... but who couldn't live on $345,000 per year????

It's all about perspective. Who cares what the pop. of Australia is and their T.V.contracts are (they don't have Hockey BTW) If you live in Canada??

The only way the CFL is going to grow the way we fans want is at the grass roots level where parents get there toddlers into shoulder pads instead of Microns. It takes time but you can't expect miracles overnight. Or can you?? The CFL has been around longer then the nfl considering the population, teams coming and going and T.V. contracts. That in itself is a true testament to the CFL fan more then anything else, and it will only go up from there.

That’s where you’re wrong!

Our local leagues have to compete for air time with the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA, all well followed in Australia and cheaper for our tv networks to put to air. But I can’t believe that the support for our local leagues is any more passionate than Canadian passion for the CFL.

After all, there is only ONE totally Canadian league (the NHL, NBA & MLB not withstanding-they generate most of their tv revenues in the US), unlike Australia, where Australian Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, Basketball and Netball all fight for the sports dollar at the national league level from the spectator and tv executives.

Australian leagues are fortunate to have the isolation that they do. They don’t have to compete with US television and propaganda. Canadian TV only have to show 30%cdn shows. Even at this low level, too many canadians look south for too many things.
I can’t believe Global pays that much for one Nfl game a week. Are you sure it isn’t over 3-5 years. What a waste of money by a Canadian company by giving millions to a foreign league that doesn’t need it.