TV ratings

Just read the Toronto Sun story. God I can’t tell you how tired I am of the Toronto-based media endlessly bringing up this CFL versus NFL article.

The reality is the vast majority of CFL football fans are football fans in general, and most of us don’t sit around endlessly debating which league is better.

We like FOOTBALL, period. And we can appreciate all forms. We watch the CFL, we watch the NFL, we watch the CIS and we watch US college games on Sat. I grew up in Regina and go to Thunder games when I’m home. I had season tickets to the Rams (when they were in junior) and Riders when I lived there. In the winter if I’m desperate enough I might even watch an Arena game on TV.

When the Superbowl pulls in near Grey Cup numbers (and despite when anyone in the media says, the Superbowl has NEVER had greater numbers than the Grey Cup no matter how the TO media wants to spin the numbers), its because football fans are watching. Most people I know who watch the CFL and the Grey Cup also watch the Superbowl. Its not 3 million completely different people who have never watched a CFL game ever before in their life.

And since the Toronto-based media insists on comparing the 2 leagues, the reality is, and the numbers bear it out, there are actually far LESS of us CFL fans watching the NFL and the Superbowl than watch the Gey Cup.

But the Toronto-based media will never say that, because they want nothing more than the CFL to die.

I agree. I watch both leagues. I watch the Grey Cup and I watch the Super Bowl. This polarizing attitude that you can only like one is completely ridiculous, and any true football fan knows that.

While many Canadians enjoy both sports, about 30% of Canadian sports fans idolize the NFL and despise the CFL with a passion. And that's not just a dislike, it's foaming at the mouth hatred towards anything connected to Canadian football. Not sure why, perhaps they have an identity complex and the CFL makes them look like hicks in the eyes of American observers?

Link to any kind of proof please.

While I tend to agree, I would think this number is smaller. Maybe 15% nationally and 25% in Toronto.

63% of statistics are made up on the spot.

:lol: Good one, CFR!

Yea the proof is go talk to one, i know many of these guys around, and i’ve met them all over the country, when i lived in Ontario almost everyone i met laughed at the CFL and were NFL fans die-hard. Super bowl parties and everything. I haven’t met everyone so i can hardly know if this is how most people are but there are a lot of them out there, just talk to one, i’m surprised you haven’t. And the funny part is they grow up in Canada there whole life, and most of them have no idea how many NFL players come here and fail cuz its a different league. I just laugh at them, a lot of them just bet on the huge betting arena that is NFL football too, and most of them are swayed by the flashy graphics on an NFL game and go “CFL is low budget” like that stuff really matters. I’ve met way too many people like that. Straight up personal experience from living between Vancouver and Toronto and traveling abroad. I wouldn’t say they’re a majority tho, but i actually had a teacher at a school i was in about a year ago claim football season started in September, and me and another person piped up and said “No, it started in June”.

Not again! Argggggggggggg.

Football is football regardless if you like one league more than another, if you actually despise any gridiron league then you aren't a true football fan and don't count as one in my books. That's just the way I look at it.

And it's not a bad sign at all for the CFL and Grey Cup if the Super Bowl gets more viewers and at all important 25-50 something demographic or whatever. Why? Because it means the NFL is still driving, to a certain extent, certain types of fans that go to CFL games in Canada or watch it on TV, I think anyways. And that is good stuff all the way. I know for a fact people who say they only watch the NFL lie as when I've really put them to the test, they admit to watching some CFL.

But really, in many ways the Super Bowl should be getting 3-4 times the viewers it does compared with the Grey Cup as there aren't many Canadian shows, sports or otherwise, that are Canadian produced that do all that well compared with a similar American product. I find it unbelieveable, and great, that the Grey Cup is in the same ballpark even as the Super Bowl.

Couldn't agree more Earl.

Just to clarify for the sake of anyone who might be confused by your post (and I know you weren't saying the Super Bowlgets more Canadian viewers than the Grey Cup):

The Superbowl: gets around 3 million viewers. The Grey Cup: 4+ million viewers

The Toronto media likes to throw numbers around that make it sound like the Superbowl outdraws the Grey Cup by only using the English language CFL numbers and comparing them to the NFL national numbers INCLUDING Quebec, etc. William Houston of the Globe is 1 guy who does this all the time and I fully expect him to do it again next week after the SB.

Which is my point...the Toronto-media is actively trying to kill the CFL all for the sake of getting an NFL team in the their town. And screw CFL football fans in the rest of the country who appreciate the history, tradition and high level football the CFL brings.

Excellent point Yukoner about the English only numbers that are used. I guess that viewers in French don't count to some people, oh well, go figure.

We just have to put up with certain media folks that can only relate to leagues that are big in the US to give themselves a feeling of arrogance over the rest of Canadians that these people so desire. I couldn't care less about them to be honest they are nothings to me.

Hmmm, I'm sounding a bit arrogant and narcissistic myself. ah what the heck, eh! :wink:

I agree with you 100%, just such a shame that they paint a picture that makes the CFL look like its less important than it is. You tell anything to people enough and they start to believe it as gospel.