TV ratings

Anyone know the TV ratings for the CFL these past couple of weeks? Namely, the playoff games?

Toronto's attendance was really pretty lame, only 26,000. I'm hoping they made up for that in TV numbers. And I'm really curious to hear how the West Final did. At least that game sold out :oops:

Other things ... how do CFL ratings compare to, say, Monday Night Football ratings? Anyone know? MNF seems to get all the hype, but does anyone actually watch it?

I have it turned on sometimes for background noise. That's about it.

Weekend TV ratings:
Sask-Calgary: 1.1 million
Argos-Bombers: 890,000
NFL Sunday afternoon- 230,000
NFL Sunday Night- 420,000
Toronto Raptors Sunday: 80,000
NFL MOnday night on TSN: 300,000 average.
CFL owns the NFL. It owns MLB. It owns basketball.

actually NFL sunday nite rating of 420,000 looks similar to CFL reg.season ratings.

Still, Sunday Night is a better time slot than the CFL ever gets.

Sunday Night is twice as good as Friday Night or Saturday Afternoon.

well, friday nite isnt bad, except when the game doesnt start until 10pm...

next season, all BC lions games should be saturday or sunday afternoon, so people here can watch the game....same with edmonton and calgary....thursday and friday nite games at 9 or 10pm is so dumb, cuz your losing all viewers in the east.

any thurday games should always be montreal home games, cuz thier attendance is always sold-out, and wont affect thier gate.

the argos have said they think friday games will be better for them next season.

  1. Friday Night is OK I guess but people are usually out doing stuff. Its good for the hardcore fan but the casual audience might not be there. A bonus could be the lack of big shows that air on Friday Night, less competition = better ratings.

2)I think the reason BC had Friday nights is that is the night people are most likely to stay up and watch the West Coast games.

3)What makes you think Friday games will be better for TO next season? This year they were pretty disastrous at the gate. So were the Afternoon games.

  1. well, the CFL isnt gonna play all 4 games on 1 day, they always spread them from thurs.-sun, so if there HAS to be a game friday, dont make it BC...a friday nite 7pm start for an argo or ticat game is better.

2)i think people all over the country would prefer watching lions games on a sat. or sunday afternoon, rather then half the country sleeping cuz its 1am b4 the game is over.

  1. i dont think...thats what the argos' pelley has said in the toronto papers.
  1. I think 4 games on 1 day might not be all that bad. People love continuity. If every sports fan in Canada knew 'Saturday is CFL day', they would be more likely to watch. Sort of like NFL Sunday, but there would only be 1 game on at a time.

2)I know that much. But are there enough people who watch the Lions in the East of Canada to justify moving the game to a worse time slot locally?

3)Did he give a reason?

1)..12 hours straight is too much football for most.

  1. can't hurt to try maybe half the lions games to my suggested time slot, then compare ratings.

  2. i dont remember.

1)THere are very few people who watch all CFL games in a weekend (me being one). It's hard to gain a mainstreem audience when your games are sprinkled in random time slots across the weekend. Even the Friday Night slot changes from week to week.

2)THe articles in the Star today proved that only about 40,000 people in Ontario watch out of market games. I still don't think its justifiable to sacrifice the local market in favour of more national exposure.

off topic a little:

does anyone else wish they'd show the player intros on tv?...i mean, after about 20 mins of pre-game banter from the 'pros', cant we go down to the field for the pyro and player intros?

especially during labour-day games and playoffs...i'd like to hear the crowd booing the opposition..haha

Yes I adree that would be nice.

What the TV numbers tell us and to include Chris Zelkovich's Toronto Star article of today, is the CFL is in tune for a major TV increase in the next contract with the current undervalued at nearly $10M per year ending next year.
Like I have said before, the league must start the negotiations with the various networks at a minimum $20M per year.



The CFL Vs. the NFL Vs. the NBA , head to head at the same times , except for Sunday night and Monday night. :thup:

THANKS , I guess people care about the ARGOS in Ontario after all? Right , Argos-Bills? :lol:

The ARGOS had 38,000+ Vs. MONTREAL a week before their SEMIS and that was for a regular season game. :thup:

But then again Argos-Bills thinks that people/sponsors don't care about T.V. ratings. :lol:

CALGARY , was sold out because of those 10,000+ SASK. fans who made the trip to CALGARY. :thup:

Most CFL SEMI FINALS traditionally have had lower attendence numbers because the teams only have 3 days to sell tickets to the general public after hearing from the season ticket holders and only after 1 week of knowing at which stadium the games will be played at.

Montreal's SEMI FINAL numbers last year were not that great at the BIG O.It didn't mean anything.

Many teams in both the East and West have had low attendence numbers in the last 15 years for the SEMIS.

It is allot easier to sell many tickets to the WEST and EAST FINALS when people know where the game is so they can plan to go.

It also helps to have 2 weeks to sell tickets for these games. :thup:

These numbers as I have been posting the last few months do not include RDS.
The last number that I obtained showed a mid season average for Montreal games by RDS at 260,000, avery good number.
I would add this figure whenever the Als game was shown on either CBC or TSN.

Thanks , this is just more proof that supports the STAR’s 2 articles.

I think a fairly big reason the east semis have been low in attendance the past two years is because they've been against western teams - ie, not rivals. Last year, Montreal played Sask, and this year, Toronto played Winnipeg. Still ... they're playoff games, IMO all playoff games should sell out.

btw, most of the Sask fans at the West Semi actually live in Calgary ... I'm sure some of them came from Saskatchewan, but not too many.

Good to hear the CFL destroyed the NFL in ratings ... AGAIN ... What are Friday Night Football ratings usually like?