TV ratings For the Ti-Cats

Decent numbers on TSN last night for the season opener.

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TORONTO (June 24, 2016) – The Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats kicked off the 2016 CFL ON TSN season last night, with overnight data confirming an average audience of 692,000 viewers watched the Argos at their new home of BMO Field – marking an increase of 39% over the team’s 2015 opener. In the Toronto-Hamilton extended market, audience levels for the game were up 83% over last year’s Argos opener.

In total, 2.8 million unique Canadian viewers tuned in to watch some part of the game on TSN, with coverage including on-field marching bands and special guest appearances by Argos legends Damon Allen, Mike “Pinball? Clemons, Raghib “Rocket? Ismail, and Joe Theismann.

The Toronto-Hamilton game also marked an increase of 46% compared to last year’s CFL ON TSN season opener matchup between Ottawa and Montreal.

Audience levels peaked at 912,000 viewers during the third quarter as the Argos attempted a second-half comeback.

Great news...not just for us but for the CFL. All this despite a general reluctance by the Toronto media, especially radio and TV to bother with and kind of useful coverage of the Blue Team....or the CFL. Sometimes the Toronto Sun comes across but only after coverage of every other sport including British soccer.
They are all too caught up with the NHL, Blue Jays and Raptors. TSN's Jennifer Hedger's colossal gaffe about Toronto not having a championship team is a classic example of where their collective heads are.

Any sports Rogers broadcasts reports on has a built-in bias anyway because of their love affair with the Raptors and affiliations with the NFL and Blue Jays. That's why the CFL ends up being the last story in their sportscasts (esp on 680 News) if we are lucky....... and if they have time to fit it in.

These latest ratings will show that CFL fans will turn out regardless of the mainstream media. :thup:

Good post. I tried looking up ratings in the American market but I couldn’t find any. Granted I didn’t spend a long time scouring the internet. ESPN did no advertising of the game though. That can’t help. I have not seen one commercial about the CFL opening season games.

Here are the Canada Day Weekend sports TV ratings including that Lions - Ti-Cats debacle.

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1. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 1,340,000
  1. Euro soccer, Germany vs. Italy, Saturday, TSN: 1,253,000

  2. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 1,140,000

  3. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 936,000

  4. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Thursday, Sportsnet: 895,000

6. CFL, Argonauts at Roughriders, Thursday, TSN: 714,000

  1. Euro soccer, Wales vs. Belgium, Friday, TSN: 625,000

[b]8. CFL, Blue Bombers at Stampeders, Friday, TSN: 590,000

9. CFL, Lions at Tiger-Cats, Friday, TSN: 528,000

  1. CFL, Alouettes at Redblacks, Thursday, TSN: 442,000

  2. NHL, Free Agency, Friday, TSN: 317,000

  3. Horse racing, Queen's Plate, Sunday, CTV-TSN2: 314,000

  4. Auto racing, Formula One Austrian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 277,000

  5. NHL, Free agency, Friday, Sportsnet: 226,000

  6. Auto racing, NASCAR Coke Zero 400, Saturday, TSN: 190,000 (NBC audience not measured)

  7. MLS, New England at Montreal, Saturday, TSN: 143,000

Not surprised there was a dip this week. That game was absolutely unwatchable, and i'm sure a lot of people turned off their TV's after 7 hours of baseball.

Heck, I didn't watch it because I was there :smiley: .

Not only does that incorrectly list the Als in Ottawa when it was the Redblacks in Montreal, but TFC isn't listed either, and we all know they're a huge draw :roll: :lol:

I think we should get used to 6:30PM starts on Labour Day.

Last year our 1:00PM Labour Day game against the Argos drew just 559,000 viewers. This year with the 6:30PM start - the highest ratings of any CFL game this year averaging 902,000 viewers with over 2.9 million Canadians watching at least a part of the game on TSN.

So I'm guessing the league and TSN will want the same next year.

With a 4:30PM start this Sunday in Toronto we do avoid the 1:00PM Jays - Red Sox game - but we will be up against two late NFL games on CTV and CTV2 (Giants @ Cowboys and Lions @ Colts) - so we'll see how well we do this week.

Unfortunately - just like Labour Day - I won't be contributing to the viewership numbers - since I'll be at the game. :smiley:

The Argos are showing tickets for only $20 on the East Side Upper deck section 203, 204, 210, 211, that's cheaper than the end zone seats.
I already have my tickets Section 205

Crap i hate sunday games..sooo conflicted.

I hate the cowboys almost as much as i do the Arhols.

I guess the only logical choice is go to a bar and get drunk...

Absolutely great numbers for 2 teams in the southern Ontario market that were not that long ago the worst CFL markets in the nation. :rockin:

I would love to see a regional breakdown of viewers. How many TV viewers in Toronto actually watched the game?
Is it CFL fans outside of the GTA that are responsible for the TV ratings? I would suspect that the TV viewership and attendance go hand in hand, if Torontonians can't be bothered to buy Argo tickets they won't be watching on TV.