TV Ratings down this Year - should Cohon go?

Good article in the Citizen, I don't know if I agree with the writer though. He's saying that the league can't survive without a team competitive team in Toronto. I think it's a matter of time when the Argos are gone and the NFL is at Rogers Centre:

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Adding Toronto does nothing for the NFL. Why would they do it? Why would the other owners want to split the pie even more?

As long as the Bills are in Buffalo, there will be no NFL in Toronto. Southern Ontario is recognized by the NFL as being part of the Bills' market.

Yes kick his a$$ out BRINGNG BACK OTTAWA and a expansion team say Moncton should be #1 priority he is moving like a snail on both these issues he is doing jack $hit............... :roll: :thdn:

First off, the Rogers Centre is not an NFL suitable stadium.
To my knowledge, the NFL requires 65,000 or more seating numbers (something to that effect) to be considered a viable NFL stadium while Rogers possesses a football capacity of only 45,746.

Far below NFL requirements.

As well, the RC may be designated multi-purpose, although we all know it is more of a baseball friendly design than a football design.

and the odds of T.O. building a 65-75,000 seat football specific stadium is slim and none....or just none.

Fans, stadiums promise golden age for CFL

People are making money on Canadian football – in some cases, lots of it. Six out of eight of the league's teams make money or at least broke even. The community-owned Saskatchewan Roughriders even doubled their profit last year from $3.1 million to $6.6 million.
Attendance at Toronto Argonaut's game has been tanking, while the Hamilton Ticats continue to post a losing record. Both teams also continue to post financial losses.
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