TV Ratings down this Year - should Cohon go?

The league is negotiating with Cohon. Should they replace him?
Attendance is up - thanks to the 6 teams not in Ontario and the 6 teams outside Ontario not losing money.
Hamilton and Toronto losing money as usual. TV ratings - way down :cry: 876,000 down to 701,000

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Let me think about that....ummm... NO!!!!

Keep Cohon. He's great for the league. The viewership will fluctuate. We're not in dire straits or anything. This year saw a terrible Argo's team, a terrible 'Riders team and BC started out really bad. Not the most exciting season to date. Next season the numbers will be back up.

Its obvious that he didn't have the teams under him prepared to perform at the level needed. He's had a few years now, and it appears viewership has regressed, especially this year. i also dont see the 'fire' in him, of say a Goodell or Stern (maybe we can lure one of them over?). I think he tries to be too friendly with the governors and the fans, and is not capable of making the tough decisions to get over the hump.

No. The product is strong. TV ratings are also a product of TSN's coverage of the league. Cohon et al are holding up to their end of the bargain!

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If firing the commish after one "bad" (i.e. average) year of ratings is typical CFL behaviour, then it would be no wonder why the league has struggled so much. Aside from a drop in ratings, I think he's doing a good job and the league shouldn't be looking for a replacement.

He should -and I say he will- receive a 4 to 5 year extension and a major pay increase. I say the agreement will be signed before the end of 2011.

You can't blame him for the BC 0-5 start,the 1-6 Sask start,the inconsistent play of Hamilton and the lousy in and off field products of the Argos.


Is the NFL considering firing Goodell because of some attendance falling trend? Doubt it, you have to look at the wbole picture and Cohon is a winner for sure. :thup:

Absolutely the league has to keep Cohon.
However his mandate for the next term must be two fold:

  1. Signing the new TV lucrative deal of at least $50M per year
  2. Expansion of 10 teams in 2014 with Ottawa and Moncton/Halifax or Quebec City

TSN's coverage of the CFL stunk. It made me miss CBC

$50 Million? where did you get that figure. Ottawa is already coming into the league in 2014 and the TV revenue will be split 9 teams. The league has to be careful because TSN is the only broadcaster that has shown any interest in the CFL.

Can't see Moncton/Halifax or Quebec, no known interest in ownership. Unless Braley decides to re-locate to Quebec or Halifax. What about the dismal failure of the CFL in Toronto? doesn't that alarm you? 19,000 average with a few thousand give aways every game. Toronto and Hamilton the two money losing teams in the league and both in the biggest market in the country. Hamilton has potential and Toronto doesn't.

There's no feasible way a 10th team could be added by 2014, even if there was an owner. There is no suitable stadium in any of those locations, and planning on a stadium would have to be started already in order for it to be ready by 2014. Even upgrading PEPS to CFL size would require more planning than there's time for, but there not enough interest in Quebec City anyway.

I wonder what the CFL viewership is in Ottawa now, and what it will be once the team there is up and running.

I don't know if they can break it down to how many viewers in Ottawa. If Ottawa was in the league I am sure more people in Ottawa would be watching their team. Right now with no CFL team in Ottawa it would be hard to say.
If you look at the ratings on TSN you could make some assumptions about CFL viewership, and one is that a lot more people are watching outside of Ontario. The ratings in the west have been consistently higher, despite the fact that 12 million people live in Ontario alone.
Just look at last years East semi-final, the two biggest market teams in Canada and the viewership was 1.5 Million, which isn't bad. But when the West semi started at 4PM there were 3 Million viewers.
Also the fact that Safeway is a big sponsor for the CFL, tells me that a lot of viewers are watching in the West, Safeway with their touchdown to win etc doesn't have any stores east of the Manitoba border.

I love how TSN has got us used to Friday night football. Gives me something to look forward to, but i still cannot stand the fact that they have Bud Black announcing. This guy knows very little about football and spends most of his time commenting about the obvious.

He was dreadful in his commentary of the Vanier Cup. All first he he stated Laval has to come back. Why is it their God given right. We all knew at that time Mac was totally outplaying Laval and deserved to be in front. With less then two minutes he comments this could be a nail biter. Give me a break the game was tied at 31. What else could it be. It would be nice to see Black show some effort and learn about football, comment on things not picked up by the officials, ie holding etc. and add useful insite. Black is just bad when it come to announcing football. He should stick to figure skating.

Much is made of stability when discussing success in football. This includes stability in the front office of the league. The dip in TV viewership, notwithstanding, Cohon has proved more than capable of running this league. I say stay the course and allow him to learn, and grow from his experience.

Like many other fans of this distinct league I am hoping that he can usher in a new era of a 10 team league. Wishing don't make it so, though. Let's start with the firm establishment of CFL football in Ottawa. While the foundations are being built there I firmly believe that the Touchdown Atlantic tradition must be continued. Build the brand slowly out there while fostering the growth of a regional fan base. These are things Cohon has shown a willingness, and penchant for doing. By keeping Cohon in place - the league is, inherently, in a better position to reach these goals.

NO. Just because there is a blip in the ratings, you don't pull the plug on the Commish. Having said that, I have not seen a video from Mr Cohon since the beginning of the Season. And why is there only a 4 minute video of Mr Cohon addressing questions from the fans. Why can we not see the entire session?

thanks, I did see that video. I'm talking about the Q&A that Mr Cohon had with the fans. There must have been more video than the 4mins I've already seen

If he has to go, it's the second door on the right. :lol: