The TV numbers are down for both TSN and CBC, while the Crap Jays are up considerably.
Could it be the cycle is going the other way just like in the 90's.
I still think the loss of the Ottawa team had an effect which the BOG were short sighted in not seeing the potential down side.
Here is today's article from the well noted Toronto Star TV critic, Chris Zelkovich.

"RATINGS HIT: The Toronto Blue Jays' improved performance continues to be reflected in the TV ratings. At the all-star break, Rogers Sportsnet is averaging 384,000 viewers after 62 broadcasts, up 28 per cent over last season. TSN's average of 435,000 for eight games represents a 14 per cent increase. The team is well on its way to reclaiming top spot in Canada's summer sports ratings battle. ... The CFL ratings picture isn't quite as rosy. TSN is averaging 309,000 viewers to date, down 5 per cent. CBC's 363,000 average is off 10 per cent. The reason? Look no further than southern Ontario, where the Argos and Ticats are a combined 1-7. And I doubt many people in Ottawa are watching. ... Global Sportsline is continuing to use Perry Lefko as its CFL ``insider." That's the same Perry Lefko who is the league's new communications director. I guess they don't get any more inside than that."

damn blue jays.

damn MLB baseball

I am hoping this will reverse itself by mid summer when the Crappers fall out of the race as now being 4.5 games out of the lead in the East.
Having said that, the Argos and the Cats have to pick up considerably for the interest and TV numbers to go the other way here in Southern Ontario.

I also blame the World Cup, but the attendance and TV rating should be going up this weekend.

How difficult can it be to watch 3 games?

maybe that's also why ratings are down.

world cup and molson indy last weekend...

Don’t worry, they’ll go up considerably, soon. As soon as the ontario teams start winning.

I guess Ricky isnt the big draw most people thought he would be, attendance at the gate might be up, but people are tuning out and turned off by the Argos signing of Williams, and it reflected in the TV numbers. Fans are punishing all teams for one team's cheap publicity stunt.

i doubt thats entered anyones mind when they miss a game..noone goes: im mad that the argos signed ricky, so im not gonna watch this riders vs lions game.

last year there was no hockey...this year, the NHL playoffs interfered with the seasons start.

last year there were no world cup stuff...this year, there was.

last year the argos were fresh off a grey cup win and the ticats were comming off a playoff year...this year both the argos and ticats suck.

I also think things have a way of being cyclical. After having some great turn around years the league is possibly, I hope that I am wrong though, levelling off. The Gades fiasco and in my opinion letting a great commish go does not help the perception.

What the article doesn't say is if the 5% drop is compared to last year's average viewership, or if the 5% drop is being compared to the first 4 weeks of last season.

Attendance and viewership always goes up in the Fall compared to June. So if the writer is using the average from the entire season last year, RATINGS WILL HAVE INCREASED from last year's first 4 weeks...(as ratings will increase more than 5% in the Fall).

Right Sambo CFL ratings are down because the moral majority across Canada has taken a stand against this one player and are collectively staying away in Sask, Ham, BC and this has absolutely nothing to do with their team's products on the field. Well, I guess I should be congratulating you for at least not burning another one of your posts hacking up winnipeg or blindly agreeing with whatever a mod is saying. Bravo for the original thought at least.

Bindly agreeing with what a mod says? Havent read too many of my posts have you? "Hacking up Winnipeg" is just trash talking, or maybe you havent heard of that?