TV ratings (Argotom!)

Hey Argotom, I hope this isn’t too much to ask … since you’re the one to go to for TV ratings during the CFL season, I was wondering if you’d mind posting what the ratings are for other sports, now that the CFL is done with? Namely, I want to see if there’s a big spike in NFL ratings now that there’s no CFL to watch, and if NFL ratings top CFL ratings now … I hope not …


Tuesday in the Globe and Mail they give the weekend TV ratings. Last weekend the NFL was up marginally on Sunday afternoon, and down marginally on Sunday night.

YOu figure the NFL should recieve a bit of a spike because of CFL fans looking for football to watch.

But the jump in the NFL has been marginal. But not even close to the million plus average the CFL had in the playoffs.

Hey CK, didn't know there was interest.
But what the heck, in the now off season with real football finished and the usual long wait, will try to accomodate.

I love watching football, but I find it very tough to stay awake watching NFL ball.The NFL is not boring, it just doesn't pluck the heart strings, like the good old CFL. Long live the CFL..

yep, the NFL is like a chess match played with real big people...


(it being Tuesday)