TV rating for Thur night Argo game

The Argo game was up against the World Series and NFL Thur night game, has anyone seen the TV rating yet. I would bet the Argo who were playing in a nothing game for the most part, won the night,

We are likely to smoke both.

I was right, here is the latest as we were the top rated TV event.
Note how the No Funners numbers are awful.
Again, this guy never gives up. He used to do the same thing in the Star, "US ratings not included" but he never mentions or factors in the RDS numbers not only for the Als but now involving most of the other games.

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The numbers are always interesting…

Very surprised at the numbers, would have thought for sure most games would be closer to 1 million then 500,00… or below. Not good.

One thing I find interesting is that Zelkovich fails to understand that the cable companies are now replacing American network signals with Canadian cable channels when simulcasting is involved thus viewers are seeing Canadian commercials, thus the ratings are in fact included as part of the total of the Canadian cable channel.

Oh well, he's old and he will die soon...

Correct on all counts :thup: I think those ratings are great. Roughly 600 to 700k when you factor in RDS for an early afternoon game out East and 10:30 in the morning on the West Coast ! Where else do you get that but NHL and Worlds Juniors...

why are ratings for hockey games invariably listed as a cumulative total of multiple games while the CFL is listed singularly?
the NFL is listed in similar fashion on many an occasion as well.

for instance, the NHL is shown as having 2,108,000 total viewers for 3 games played which actually equates to a 702,000 average.

why not list all games by it's own merit rather than play mix and match numbers?

Precisely that's another shell game this Chris guy and other NFL lovers try to play.

Exactly, simulcasting has been done for years by the Canadian carriers.
You cannot find a US channel even if you want when the same show is being shown on the Canadian channel.

well it is misleading to say the least.
and not including RDS numbers is also a deceptive practice as well.

I don't think Chris is an NFL lover. I think he continues to post the numbers, because he knows the CFL is catching up and wants people to stay informed.

105,000 For Thursday night NawFuL game, that's pretty pathetic!!! :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:

So TV viewership was 517k for the CFL and 105k for the NFL. What exactly is the point that everyone is trying to argue here - - that the CFL is FIVE times more popular than the NFL is in Canada?

This is a ridiculous comparison. CFL is a gate revenue driven league - - NFL is a television revenue driven league. Apples and oranges.

Can't understand why alleged fans of the CFL are so obsessed with comparing and constantly trying to measure up to the NFL. It's like short-man syndrome. Do you all wear lifters in your shoes as well?

Lifts?? According to your drivers license,your all of 3 feet,4 inches,nice pic by the way :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: short-man syndrome???Is Napoleon by any chance your middle name?????

This is about dispelling myths...and building a country. Are you on board?

Area 51 on board?????? the only thing he is on board is his flying saucer!!!!!

Until Canadians stop obsessing over anything in the U.S, the inferiority complex will always exist.

The fact that all Andrew Wiggins will be broadcasted in Canada, tells me all I need to know about the Canadian media.
Very few people care about basketball in this country, yet a Canadian kid is the most hyped up thing in the U.S and we're all over it. Pathetic!

As per Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun...


The Toronto Raptors opened their season Wednesday night with a win, some glitz and terribly troubling television ratings.

Playing opposite the Maple Leafs and the last night of the World Series, the Raptors had an audience of only 54,000 on TSN2. That has to be alarming to new MLSE boss Tim Leiweke, who has talked about making the Raptors Canada's team.

By any comparison, even considering the difficult circumstances, and the fact they weren't on a mainstream network, the Raptors TV numbers border on embarrassing.

The Maple Leafs season opener drew an average audience of 2.3 million on CBC.

The Blue Jays season opener in April did a 1.4 million number on Rogers Sportsnet and at times throughout the night had more than two million people watching.

[b]The sometimes forgotten Argonauts played their season opener against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The TSN numbers for that game: 673,000.

The Raptors opening night did less than one-twelfth of the Argo audience.[/b] It will be interesting to monitor the television numbers as the season progresses -- not opposite Leaf games or other sports of consequence. Finding out exactly where the Raptors stand across Canada may be shocking to those who operate the NBA club.

More from Steve Simmons...


Here's a look at the ratings of Toronto sports teams on opening night this season, with networks and number of viewers.
•Leafs CBC 2.3 million
•Jays Sportsnet 1.4 mil
•Argos TSN 673,000
•Raptors TSN2 54,000

*television numbers come from network PR departments