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This evening at 8PM and 11Pm TVO looks at the CFL. On 8PM and 11PM,The Agenda examines the state of the CFL. Steve Paikin, the head of the CFL and other guests examine the CFL.The last time I was in Calgary the Shaw organization carried TVO. Look to for a discussion of concussions and other topics for a good round of Canadian football.

Thanks, I’ll tape this and watch it later. TVO and Canadian football, interesting.

Please note. This evening is focused on the NFL with, tomorrow, the focus will be on the CFL.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin
Taking Football to a Higher Level
The Agenda welcomes Randy Ambrosie, the 14th commissioner of the Canadian Football League, to discuss where the league stands today and his plans for changing its business operations. Then, Maryann Turcke, the NFL's first ever female Chief Operating Officer, talks about how she's helping with that league's business evolution. And, pioneering quarterback Chuck Ealey talks about how he had to come to Canada in order to live his football dream.

Are you sure about this?
I set my PVR to tape the 5:00 am edt re-broadcast, but when I looked at tomorrow’s listing, the description was not for a continuation of this evening’s show.

It is randy ambrosie 1/3
Marianne turcke 1/3
Chuck ealey 1/3

Im watching on tvo as we speak.
The episode is also viewable on YouTube

Thanks for this heads up

I really enjoyed listening to Chuck Ealey, a well spoken man. I didn’t know about his NCAA record and I didn’t know that he came to Canada and stayed. A nice story.

Indeed, thanks to both of you.
I'm curious to watch this.

I thought they were good interviews all around

I watched the first two with Ambrosie and Turcke, Paikin did an excellent job with both interviews I thought. In terms of concussions both Ambrosie and Turcke reiterated the point that the evidence on CTE from football hits is still controversial with the evidence not hard enough at this time to make any final conclusions. Both leagues appear to be on the same page according to these interviews. Will watch the Ealey segment later.