TV Numbers

Read earlier in the week on another CFL thread that the TV Numbers for the Labour day game peaked at over 1 million and in fact was most watched sports show this summer. Wondering if true and if so it's great that there is still a lot of interest. With the Blue Jays in the tank it's a great opportunity to get some decent numbers. I hope we get some great games going forward.

It may have been all the people that left the game and watched the rest from home.

LOL Good one.

That would be great news, hopefully some are from Toronto watching so they stay afloat.

If you go to the NUMERIS web site, they list the top 30 TV programs every week, the Blue Jays games are the only sports program to make the top 30 every week this summer.
But it's an average of all their games, the 750k is average of 5 or 6 games a week, could be 1 million for a Saturday game and 500k for a late Tuesday night game. They don't break it down.
The CFL is not in the top 30 at all this summer but the Jays ratings in the top 30 Every week.
No sign of the TV numbers dropping for the Jays. The Canada Day week average numbers not much higher than the 3rd week of August ratings.

It would be good to know the breakdown of CFL games, where people are watching and who is watching. I suspect that the majority of viewers are out west.

Out west is where the real football is played.

I was shocked how low the Jays numbers are. I thought they would be better - based on last year.

As they were saying on PTS, the Jays will be very expensive to own for the next 2 years - especially if the attendance and TV numbers continue to dry up.