TV NUMBERS UP 12% TO 381,000

Well the TV numbers are in for this year, although they are for some reason no longer available on a weekly basis.
Up 12% on TSN from last year to 381,000.
Even the anti CFL Bill Houston, like some of us, have also questioned the new deal signed with TSN.
Not only because it was for far less money then what could have been garnered when negotiating with more then one party(logic=negotiation 101?), but the ridiculous second major mistake of having TSN dictate about showing everything including the playofffs and GC on the smaller TSN and not the larger mother CTV network.
Blaming Tom Wright for this is obvious as much as we all like the man.

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I was wondering why you weren't posting them anymore. Unfortunate. I liked getting the weekly numbers. But good news about the increased viewership. :thup:

This is down quite a bit from the beginning of the season when we were over 400K.... With the Argos out of contention as well as a almost meaningless final 2 weeks of the season didn't help.... Having that game on TSN2 probably cost us a few thousand off of our average as well

Agreed. The final few weeks of the season always has a couple of clunkers for games. All the more reason to expand the league in order to make things more interesting for the last few weeks of the season

Good outlook overall but yes, these games at the end that didn't mean much were important. I still don't get TSN2 on my cable provider here in Hamilton, Mountain Cablevision. What is it, rocket science TV negotiations or what? Anyways. Looking forward to the playoffs and GC even without my TiCats. Should be some great games hopefully. :thup:

Out here on the Wet Coast, Shaw gives you TSN2, and because I ordered TSN HD, I'm also getting TSN2 HD

Probably laziness on their part. They probably get most of their channels through one of the bigger companies like bell, and they offer TSN2.

MTS in Winnipeg doesnt have TSN2 yet, in fact... thats the only game I missed all year because I couldnt connect to the webstream and the play-by-play is garbage.

TSN HD does look beautiful however, I'll give props to TSN for that. hugs his HD receiver

With all games on TSN this season, television viewing for CFL games have increased by six percent compared to last year.

This year's regular season average viewing for 72 CFL games on TSN (includes one game on TSN2) was 393,000 compared to 371,000 last season.

In addition to impressive overall audience growth with all games exclusively on TSN, the CFL also saw television ratings growth in the key advertising demographics compared to last season: Adults 18-34 increased by 31 percent, Adults 25-54 increased by eight percent and adults 18-49 increased by seven percent.

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shame on you......does the CFL know how many people will not have access to TSN, for Grey CUp, i for one is one of them......i will have to hear about tomorrow, as i don't have the ability to pay the extra to get the TSN channel on Bell .......i MISS THE CFL, at the age of 51. SHAME ON YOU CFL........ I AM PERMANENTLY TUNING OUT.......YOUR LOUSY EXPRESSION.

how un-canadian is that.......
bell express vu, will not allow us to see the game.
i cannot afford tsn on expressvu, it is not in standard package.......SO I WILL NOT AND CANNOT SEE THE GAME TODAY.......


WE CAN SEE nfl, soccer games..all day today......on cbc, ......but NO GREY CUP.......HOW SAD IS THE PLANNING OF THIS....TO BLOCK OUT, ME, AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS THE PRIVILEGE WE HAVE BUILT............

The article actually says that the TSN numbers are up, but compared to last year's CBC numbers (for regular season) 414,000 there was an actual drop in tv ratings this year. Not to mention the bigger drop in the playoff ratings. Ratings drops everywhere. Anyway, the commercial's over back to the game......