Yet again the weekend numbers has the league a very solid 3,4 & 5 and furthermore I am suggesting the Als game which came in number 8 is in reality number two overall as the RDS numbers are no doubt equally as strong in Quebec and Atlantic provinces because the team is awesome on the field. Over 1 million serve I say.

I forgot to mention how this Chris guy, who is the Argo beat writer, continues with the asterisks nonsense, but conviently forgets to asterik the Als game and the huge RDS numbers not calculated.

Pretty amazing numbers for the CFL games, especially considering the Calgary and Wpg games were blacked-out in the local markets...which normally boosts ratings by another 100,000.

The Stamps had nearly 40,000 fans on Saturday and blackout was supposed to by lifted, but there was a communication problem between TSN and the Stamps.

There’s gotta be a source for those RDS numbers somewhere.

The Calgary game was sold out why in the hell would it blacked out?

Is this true?

The Calgary game was not sold out. The blackout is automatically lifted if 90% of the tickets are sold and that would have been the case if McMahon Stadium didn't have the temporary seating for the Grey Cup in place but with the extra seating even 35,000+ tickets sold was not 90% capacity.

On the subject of blackouts, I always wondered about this: Are the Edmonton games blacked out?

Commonwealth has a capacity of 60,000+, and the Eskimos usually draw around 35,000. That's a far cry from 90%, but they still lead the league in attendance.

That is really too bad since 40,000 is above the regular seating capacity and the game was a great way to showcase the CFL at its best. A communication error like that should never happen. Somebody dropped the ball on that one big-time

Exactly, it shouldn't have been blacked out. When going by the "blackouts are lifted if 90% of seats are sold" rule, they use the "normal" capacity, which is 35,650 for McMahon. There were a couple of articles in the Calgary Herald this last week saying that the blackout should have been lifted, and that the one for tonight's game against Edmonton would be for sure.

He does say at the beginning of each week's entry that the ratings are the English-language ratings so I'm not sure why he would need to include an astericks to say that the French-language numbers are not included.

In case you haven't seen it there is an apology at the Stamps website which explains that a miscommunication between the team and league were the reasons for the blackout.