There is no official 10 ten yet available, however I have been able to ascertain the following.

  1. Overall, Friday - Calgary @ Edmonton won the weekend at 1.1M
  2. Sunday, CFL Sask @ Winnipeg crushed all opposition including the No Funners 813,000
    The NFL with their bogus "early games" @ 471,000

I'm guessing you ascertained those numbers from this article?

[url=] ... ports-fans[/url]

thats awesome that the stamps game scored so high. i didnt think it would. seeing as it was a friday night, and it was all but written in stone the stamps were going to win. it was just a matter of by how much. nice to beat out the banjo bowl as well. i guess they had a tough road facing off against opening NFL weekend. I am thinking the stamp esks game was also on NFL network. im not sure a stamps game has ever out scored a riders game. too bad it dfidnt translate in the stands.

Surely NFL fans can come up withan excuse as why this is?
LOL, like the CFL doesn't have two games going on at the same time, NFL fans are all watching on american networks, no good games on, etc.

But I digress, great numbers once again.

funny how he talks on and on about rogers sportsnet one, then blurbs the ratings at the bottom, rather then the whole list....maybe he's tired of showing everyone the CFL's cominance, and hopes people wont read the blurb.

Or maybe it's because it's an article about Sportsnet One.

Going head-to-head against the NFL, the one CFL game drew nearly twice as many viewers as all the NFL games combined. The NFL ratings included all those Canadians watching the American channels also, as the games were simulcast on CTV. The Friday night CFL game drew an even bigger audience.

The CFL is by far the most popular football league in Canada. :thup:

What else was on TV on Friday compared to Sunday ? If Cal Edm played on the Sunday of opening day in the NFL , they wouldn't have come close to SK WPG numbers !

yea, this is the guy who publishes the weekly ratings...but not this week. just an article with a blurb about the ratings.

This should be a interesting week, with 2 games going head to head witht he NFL

Okay, I probably deserve this because what the hell should I be doing listening to Fan590, must less that idiot Brady show.
A station who hires idiots owned by Rogers.

But I had literally LOL, the host says he can't watch the CFL after the NFL season starts, blah, blah, blah.
Okay that's fine and dandy, but than he says the CFL is always making mistakes and you can't take the league seriously because it schedule games head to head with the NFL.

I guess that moron forgot that the CFL continuously outdraws the NFL. Once I realized what the show was about I turned it off and saved what ever pride I could salvage.

It's obvious the target demographic is 20-30 year old males with an average IQ of 3.4

This does speak to the CFL and most definitely we should go head to head with the No Funners on Sunday when they start playing in the fall.

Absolutely, the CFL should schedule games on Sunday throughout the season, especially during the NFL season. Football fans need the option of watching a CFL game on their day off, or they will might start watching the NFL by default.

Ratings for CFL Sunday games during the summer have also been very strong, I don’t see why games shouldn’t be scheduled on Sunday. In the olden days, the CFL avoided weekend games in the summer as many fans went to their cottage on the weekend. But now, most people have access to TV’s, even at their cottage…and many people don’t even have summer cottages. :wink:

Friday night and getting over a million is awesome for Calgary Edmonton. Friday night in Alberta and that Many people stayed home to watch(or went to a pub) is great. All people I know use Friday night as an out night. Or date night. Good job Alberta teams