TV numbers out

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Pretty solid numbers for the CFL games:

Eskimos Ticats - 397,000
Als Lions - 661,000 with the RDS numbers
Argos Riders - 578,000

I really like the individual team TV ads TSN/CTV are doing. Nice job there!!

The Cats game is so low because it was blacked out locally in the golden horseshoe. You could probably add another 250, 000 to that if it wasn't blacked out here.

Even with the blackout the TiCat/Esks game had good numbers. I agree with you Earl, TSN is doing a good job. TSN will do a better job of helping to grow our game then the CBC ever could.

I totally agree. They are current, and show great footage.

If only 3% of those 250,000 would show up at the stadium along with the 20-21K that do show up, the other 97% could be seeing it live. I understand that the Cats aren't winning and all but it's still too bad.

For those who want to compare here is the actual breakdown for the weekend in Bill Houston's article.

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Ah, argotom, Dust gave the link in the initial post but thanks anyways.

Let's not forget the Thursday night game, which usually has the lowest ratings of the week...oops, guess again, the CFL set a ratings record on Thursday! Going head-to-head against the MLS All-Star game in Toronto featuring Beckham. Who?

Not including last weekend's record-setting numbers, CFL ratings were up 11% over last season. I hope the CFL has a ratings escalation clause in their new TV deal? Here is the

"In the battle for football fans (CFL versus soccer), TSN won on Thursday night, drawing a season-most 536,000 viewers for Calgary Stampeders-Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the largest ever for a CFL telecast on TSN in June or July. The CBC drew 260,000 for the MLS all-star game from BMO Field in Toronto."

My bad, sorry.

I'm sure if it's a new deal with TSN, but they haven't blacked out any BC home games this year.

I was sick for the Als game, gave my ticket to my wife's sister, and was pleasantly surprised to see I could watch it in HD.

Good numbers. CFL is going to be wanting more money next time the contract is up I hope.

wow...these numbers are very impressive...and altho the CFL KILLED MLS on thursday nite, those MLS numbers are still very impressive.

That is great news and I have to admit that TSN is doing a great job of promoting the league. I still worry about the Grey Cup being on TSN exclusively, despite these big numbers.

They won't be able to touch CBC Grey Cup numbers because of the 4-5 million less people that can watch it. I still fear we are losing the casual fan to this deal.

Just goes to show that even though the MLS is overhyped, and even though Toronto FC got a brand-new 20,000 single-sport stadium, doesn't mean that it's any more popular than the CFL.

I love soccer, but the MLS is incredibly overhyped. I think it's a shame that Toronto FC gets so much attention - not to mention their own stadium - relative to the Argos (though I'm not sure what it's like in Toronto alone). The best guess I have as to why this is is because the MLS is an American league - hence Toronto needs it ...

Kev, you have hit the nail on the head.
Because it is American and has "Major League" in its name, some here in Toronto have gone overboard(wannabe factor) including the print media, specifically the Toronto Star, which bills itself but is far from being a Canadian newspaper.
The game is basically third string quality like the NASL was years back.

I'm not too worried about the loss of numbers due to no CBC coverage. I'd say the vast majority of TV viewers nowadays have access to TSN. Most cable and sat companies throw in TSN SD in everything but the very lowest priced package. They might lose a few, but I don't think it's 4-5 million.

Yes as some of us have said when the new TV was signed and when this came out, it is a major mistake for TSN in not putting the playoffs and GC on the mother CTV network.
Hopefully they will come to their senses.
Still though, I cannot believe how the CFL did not insist upon same?

Hey Dust.... Don't try to steal ArgoTom's Thunder... However ArgoTom.... your gonna haveta get up bright and early every Tuesday to beat him...hahaha

2.17 million total....WOW..

Let me clarify what I meant when I said there are 4-5 million less viewers that can watch. I wasn't saying there would be 4-5 million less viewers, I was saying that is the difference in the number of people that can watch and that although that doesn't matter much to the weekly games on TSN, it will certainly effect the big game...GREY CUP.

Just so you know I am not making this stuff up. According the CRTC there were about 12.6 million homes that had regular broadcast other words that got CBC in Canada in 2005.

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TSN had about 8.1 million subscriber households in 2005.

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Therefore, there were 4.5 million less homes that had access to TSN in 2005. The numbers are likely still pretty close to that although I think TSN has probably gained more since then. That will effect the ratings for the Grey Cup, and since the Super Bowl (for example) will have access to all 12.6 million, 4.5 million who have not been able to watch the CFL, their numbers will undoubtedly look a lot stronger this year.

That's why I still don't like the deal.