I have been searching feverishly for the past one week plus ever since coming back from Moncton to see the numbers and especially what we were lead to believe was going to be a huge Moncton audience.
This week results should be out today or tomorrow?
But, nothing from the old reliables, Chris Zelkovich of The Star and the odd article from the Sun and or Globe.
Anyone out there especially out west have you seen anything and if so, can you update us?

ive come back empty handed in my search as well, argotom.

Chris Z. seems to have given up on his blog. Maybe his corporate masters didn’t like seeing the CFL No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 every week and told him to cool his heels until hockey starts? :wink: Other than Houston at the G&M, I don’t know of any other columnist who published the sports ratings.

They'll start publishing them again when hockey starts.

I'm not a conspirasist but it's almost a month I've been looking and no luck either.
It seems kind of funny that the second week of the NFL season, the blog seems to have been abandonned.
The first week head ot head, the CFL won out and then it's gone.

Even if there's other reasons behind it, it's kind of bush to just leave with no word.

A should start posting the ratings on a weekly basis!

Now here's a post that makes sense. :wink:

After seeing this thread yesterday afternoon, I thought I am going to use one of the new forums that came over from Riderville to get my message to someone. So I started this thread in the "Marketing" section of the Riders forum: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=61307. I had sent an e-mail to the CFL several months ago to the same effect but maybe if everyone goes and adds a "+1" like Picat did, it will help to push the request and show support ...

BBM, which is the rating group, only shows the top thirty shows for the week, and you can't get the full listing unless you're directly involved with the industry (such as a producer or columnist). Last week (sept 20-26) the no. 30 show was The Rick Mercer Report with 1.222 million viewers, so you know that no CFL passed that mark.

Are we talking the entire week, week days, weekend etc.
Please specify the exact dates this latest BBM rating system applies to.

I believe that EvilD is talking about this

[url=] ... 202010.pdf[/url]

Two weeks in a row and still no numbers.
You can rest asure because of hockey, hockey and more hockey, the numbers will be back a few days.

Apparantly the Star has decided to discontinue Chris Zelkovich's blog (which was really good and focused on sport media, including TV ratings). Apparantly, they decided to switch focus.

Me think it has more to do with fact the poor old CFL destriying every other sport outside of hockey in terms of ratings.
I wouldn't put it past that paper. Oh well, it was the only reason I went on their website.

So far not a whimper of numbers not even for this week.
Anyone seen anything?

Yup, I tend to agree with geroy. You have to think MLSE doesn't like seeing CFL games outdraw Raps games (doubt they come close to Leaf games so not a worry there probably) nor Rogers with the Blue Jays. One would think anyways. And both companies would have a lot of clout with the media.

So you think it's the old don't show the numbers just incase they will embarass?

2.1 million peek, 1.21 million average for the Lions-Bombers thanksgiving game.

Thanks for this geroy.

Wow, still quiet with no detailed weekly numbers.