TV numbers for week 8

Now here's a rarity on the summer sports scene: A Toronto Blue Jays game managed to draw more viewers than a Canadian Football League contest.

Granted, the CFL game was a dog with fleas, but still this doesn't happen very often. But as happy as the folks at Rogers Communications must be at seeing their team draw an average of 713,000 for last Friday's game against the Boston Red Sox, they have to be girding their loins for the viewer onslaught they will face Friday.

That's the next Jays game scheduled for Sportsnet One, the new channel that's available only on Rogers and to the 4,000 homes that subscribe to Cable Cable in Fenelon Falls, Ont. Yes, that breakthrough is the only cable deal Rogers has managed to secure for its new cash-grab channel, meaning more than half the country can't watch Friday's game at this point.

Sportsnet Junior's first week of Jays games drew flies, so you can be sure viewer outrage will be high as hundreds of thousands of Jays fans find that once again they've been shut out..

While Rogers is trying to get itself out of the mess it created with Sportsnet One, the CFL has to be a little worried about Friday's numbers. An age-old traditional rivalry between two teams based in the country's most populous region should be doing a lot better than 650,000 viewers -- even if it almost a touchdown-free game.

Here are the most-watched sports events on English-language televison over the past weekend, according to BBM Canada overnight ratings:

  1. MLB, Blue Jays at Red Sox, Saturday, Sportsnet: 713,000

2. CFL, Tiger-Cats at Argos, Friday, TSN: 650,000

  1. MLB, Blue Jays at Red Sox, Friday, Sportsnet: 558,000

  2. MLB, Blue Jays at Red Sox, Sunday, Sportsnet: 441,000

  3. Auto racing, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Saturday, TSN: 347,000*

  4. NFL, Vikings at 49ers, Sunday, TSN: 267,000*

  5. PGA, Wyndham Championship final round, Sunday, Global/CBS: 234,000

  6. MLS, New York at Toronto FC, Saturday, CBC: 182,000

  7. Tennis, ATP Cincinnati final, Sunday, TSN: 178,000*

  8. PGA, Wyndham Championships third round, Saturday, Global/CBS: 171,000

  9. Athletics, Diamond League track and field, Saturday, CBC: 149,000

  10. Tennis, Rogers Cup, Friday, TSN: 137,000

  • Viewers for U.S. networks not calculated

I'd be willing to be more people watched the Thursday game (Not including RDS)
After Labor day, the ratings and interest will pick up big time, they always do.

it seems the bluejays were huge benifactors of playing on a saturday when there was no CFL games scheduled, or the jays woulda had half that number.

Hard to say it's a trend. More likely a fluke. Lets see a few more weeks of reversed ratings before we start to worry.

Regarding Rogers creation of its own failing sports network and having followed the cable industry since I took a job selling software to it for awhile back in 2000, it amazes me like in other respects how such an industry with the basic advantage of few competitive alternatives manages also to screw it up when it goes into broadcasting whether or not sports.

With regard to the content it is so basic for a predominantly male audience and advertisers who are not ninnies and prudes and B's -- games, athletes, hot chicks, booze -- SIMPLE. Even chief competitor "the worldwide leader" down here ESPN has screwed up that part making its daytime programming look like "Good Morning America" all day with all its talking ninnies and no real game action. The cable industry could capitalise massively as did Fox in news circles over the incredibly lame CNN, but they have failed again miserably.

IMHO Comcast and Cox down here have also failed miserably in this respect with such efforts also beyond sports and a whole lot of crap programming on all those channels for which I don't pay any more either.

The content can't all go over high-speed fibre lines to TV or computers and 4G to wireless soon enough, but the industry is trying to milk as many people for as long as possible for over $100 per month in fees for almost all crap channels plus more for any of those overpriced sports packages. CFL (and NFL, Rugby, Soccer, etc) Underground online is the way to go in the meantime.

Screw cable.

I tend to wonder if people were tuning in in such larged numbers to watch the Blue Jays or to watch the Red Sox. I lived in Nova Scotia for five years and there it is all Red Sox, the Jays barely rate.

Back to the strong numbers for the CFL. 1 million plus for the Esks-Rider game.
And like he says, we’re just getting started. Labour day on, is when interest in the CFL peaks.

Week 9: … tings.html

Hey great scoop Geroy thanks.

Even more impressive with over a million viewers in English-speaking Canada alone is the fact that this game IMHO was at a terrible time on a Saturday night in late August (as opposed to earlier or later) when many folks in the East are out in the evening enjoying what remains of the summer with their families or otherwise.

Wow the anticipation for the games this weekend seems almost as strong as it was for the start of the season you know?

Couldn't agree more! I have 27" T.V. in the "Man room" Yet that gets turned on about twice a month. I have been watching "T.V." on my computer for some months now because the programming is what I choose, no commercials, no extra money spent for a "sports pac" that doesn't get me anything worthwhile anyway.

I wouldn't get too used to watching TV commercial-free on your computer. Rogers and other cable companies are getting better and better at blocking "illegal" internet programming and prosecuting the hackers and companies who are profiting from this communications theft. Company's like Rogers will stop at nothing to protect their billion-dollar profits, including blocking your internet service and pressuring other providers to tow the corporate line.

Yes, good news for the CFL with the new TV numbers, but I wonder what happened to the NFL? I realize NFL ratings are lousy, but did the Sunday night game actually draw less than the MLS's 57,000 at #14? :oops:

Were the games on the weekend or a weekday? For some reason, Zelkovich only posts weekend numbers.

Another awesome numbers.
Oh yes, love those MLS TFC numbers, only family and friends.

Au contraire though, as out today was some news that Amazon has joined the batch of firms including Google to negotiate content delivery online the end of next year watch these tech firms compete directly with your local cable firm and so forth as has been looming IMHO for too long for sake of better and higher quality delivery of content well beyond merely sports.

As the cable industry and others try to battle to lock folks into paying well over $100 a month for worse programming than ever PLUS extra for "sports packages," the sweet spot will be just giving it all to someone for less than $60/month but in higher volume. With all the firms involved, someone WILL get it done and it won't be cable or a telephone company IMHO.

Satellite has been doing a good job all the same, but satellite service has and likely always will have technical limitations as far as reaching millions of potential subscribers including myself.

the saskatchewan roughriders almost have more season ticket holders then people that watch the toronto fc on tv.

These rating are the greatest weapon for my argument against those few soccer fans that think MLS soccer is up and coming.

lol @ soccer.

Possible answer to your question found in the comments, Xvys:

“There weren’t any NFL games on Canadian TV last weekend. TSN had a game Thursday night, but the games on Friday and Saturday were on on CBS and the one on Sunday was only on Fox.”

I never noticed it until now, but it looks like he only posts numbers for Canadian TV stations.

Some more data:

Average viewership based on the numbers from the sports media blog is 819,000.

Average viewership per game, according to team:
BC, 866,000
Cal, 746,000
Edm, 808,000
Sas, 983,000
Ham, 758,000
Mon, 826,000
Tor, 742,000
Win, 784,000

Best viewership:
1,186,000 (Sask @ BC, July 10)

Worst viewership:
454,000 (Cal @ Ham, July 10)
(Odd, isn't it, that the best and the worst are on the same day?)

The following are estimates of the average numbers of viewers per team per game, assuming most viewers of a particular game are fans of one or the other team of the two that are playing (or at least they're watching because of one or the other team):
BC, 512,000
Cal, 273,000
Edm, 285,000
Sas, 659,000
Ham, 296,000
Mon, 327,000
Tor, 379,000
Win, 480,000
This means that, for example, there is an average of approximately 512,000 BC fans watching the games that BC plays in (or at least watching because BC is playing), an average of approximately 273,000 Calgary fans watching the games that Calgary plays in (or at least watching because Calgary is playing), and so forth. Note that these are only estimates of the averages, and I don't claim them to be the gospel truth, which you could only get by asking the actual viewers which team they're watching for. I'm leaving out the explanation of how I got these numbers for now, but if you want to know, I can tell you. It uses math, though, so you probably think the numbers wrong.

[Note: all numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand, because that's what Zelkovich does on his blog, and there's no way that I can make numbers that are more accurate than the numbers that I'm given.]

Here's some more ammo in that regard for you Ugo in this earlier post with comments on awful MLS attendance except two cities: