TV Numbers for the Riders.

Excerpt from LeaderPost article:

The Riders have been featured in the networks three top-rated games in 2010. The Riders' 27-23 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sept. 5 was the most-watched CFL regular-season game in TSN's history, with 1.34 million viewers. Saskatchewan's 43-37 overtime win over the Calgary Stampeders on Sept. 17 is next with 1.22 million viewers, followed by the Riders' 37-18 victory over the Lions on July 10. That regular-season game was watched by 1.15 million viewers.

"The ratings for Rider games are two or three times that for hockey and double that for the NFL,'' Suitor said. "These are approximate numbers, but we've had 15 games with over one-million viewers, and 10 have been Rider games. At times, we might peak at 1.4 or 1.5 million for the best part of the game. You're talking NHL playoff numbers and that's the regular season. It's amazing.

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Wow...thanks for the post. That is amazing!